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Breaking! Violence and neglect filmed on a Red Tractor approved pig farm

Harrowing scenes of violence and neglect have been filmed on a Red Tractor certified pig farm in Bedfordshire. Rosebury Farm in Dunstable is the sixth Red Tractor approved pig farm that Animal Equality has exposed animal suffering at in under a year.
30/07/2018 Updated: 06/06/2023

Today Animal Equality has released scenes of violence and neglect on a Red Tractor certified pig farm in Bedfordshire. Filmed over the past three months, the harrowing footage includes:

– A worker swinging tiny piglets by a back leg and smashing their head against the wall, one continues to kick for at least 10 seconds afterwards

– Piglets screaming in agony as the tips of their tiny teeth are clipped off without pain relief, a mutilation restricted to ‘extreme circumstances only’ under UK law

– Terrified pigs being shocked repeatedly with an electric prod to force them onto the slaughter truck, many prodded in the side and neck in violation of the law

– A tiny piglet frothing at the mouth, having been thrown onto a pile of dead piglets and left for dead hours earlier

– Dozens of dead piglets littering the floor of the birthing shed, as well as piglets trapped in crates with dead siblings

– Larger pigs crammed into barren metal pens so small they are forced to lie on top of each other in record-breaking high temperatures

– Other pigs locked inside filthy, wooden bins with lids that leave them in total darkness

Rosebury Farm in Dunstable is the sixth Red Tractor approved pig farm that Animal Equality has exposed animal suffering at in under a year. It follows investigations into several farms where we documented pigs in severe distress and violations of UK law as well as the shocking abuse we uncovered on Fir Tree Farm in Lincolnshire just two months ago.

The farm is known to supply Cheale Meats in Essex which provides pork to major UK wholesalers, as well as supplying Evans & Sons – a ‘traditional’ butchers in Bedfordshire which boasts of selling only local meat.

Veterinary expert Professor Andrew Knight confirmed the footage showed “inhumane handling and killing of piglets” as well as “excessive and inappropriate use of an electric prod likely to cause pain and fear.”

After receiving the evidence from Animal Equality, Red Tractor withdrew the farm’s assurance certification. While we’re pleased they acted on the evidence we provided, it does bring into question their own farm inspections, which they claim to carry out five times a year on every pig farm in their scheme. The RSPCA have also been informed.

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