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Animal Equality uses a broad range of strategic campaigns to ensure all animals are treated with compassion.


Leading effective campaigns leads to a more compassionate world for animals.

United Kingdom

Make Britain Foie Gras-Free

Animal Equality has conducted investigations into the foie gras industry in both France and Spain. In 2017, we launched a campaign to ban the importation of foie gras in the UK, and have since collected over 100,000 signatures calling on the British government to draft legislation to prohibit the importation of foie gras.

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United Kingdom

Dairy's Dark Secret

Through a series of investigations inside the British dairy industry, Animal Equality’s campaign to expose the cruelty of dairy farms in the United Kingdom is inspiring people to discover healthy dairy-free eating.

United Kingdom

Action for Pigs

Since 2012 Animal Equality has presented several groundbreaking investigations into the UK pig industry. These powerful investigations have resulted in some of the longest prison sentences in the history of the UK for farmed animal cruelty, as well as several supermarkets immediately removing products from the farms in question from their shelves.



Animal Equality uses cutting-edge virtual reality to show people what life is like for animals inside factory farms, inspiring thousands to switch to plant-based food options.

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Ending Cages for Hens

One of Animal Equality’s strategic priorities is ending cages for hens throughout the world. This cruel and outdated system causes extreme suffering to birds. Over the last two years, Animal Equality has educated millions of people on the horrific suffering of these animals, as well as successfully convinced over 75 companies to eliminate cages from their supply chain in five countries. In India, we have been working with the Law Commission and recommended the banning of cages for hens in the country.


Banning Cages for Rabbits

Over the last five years, Animal Equality has carried out and presented the most comprehensive investigations inside rabbit farming in Europe, investigating 70 rabbit farms in Spain, several in Italy, and rabbit slaughterhouses in both countries. We found appalling instances of abuse in all of the facilities visited. In March 2017, the European Parliament paved the way to improving rabbit welfare in Europe, but shortly afterwards the European Commission concluded “the sector appeared to be broadly in compliance with welfare legislation requirements.” Animal Equality’s campaign continues until rabbit cages are banned in Europe.

United States

McChicken Cruelty

Animal Equality takes on McDonald’s to ask this food giant to improve the welfare of chickens.


El Pozo's Secret

Animal Equality, in collaboration with the prestigious Spanish TV program Salvados, investigated “Hermanos Carrasco”, a pig farm located in the Spanish region of Murcia. The farm is a supplier of the international meat company El Pozo, which is stocked in Morrisons supermarket and on Amazon. Our investigators revealed animals in shockingly cruel conditions as well as blatant violations of the animal welfare law. This international campaign is demanding El Pozo to implement significant animal protection policies.


Save a Lamb

Animal Equality has been investigating and exposing the cruelty inherent to the lamb industry in Italy since 2013. Five years of investigations and campaigns, as well as media exposure, have resulted in Italians significantly reducing their consumption of lamb meat.


Ending Cages for Hens

Animal Equality launched its campaign to end cages for hens in Italy on February 2017, with an investigation inside the egg industry that showed systemic cruelty and neglect. Since the launch of this investigation, Animal Equality’s campaign to end cages for hens in Italy has convinced 22 companies, including food giants such as Carrefour and Lidl, to ban cages for hens.


Ending Cages for Hens

One of Animal Equality’s priorities in BrazilĀ is ending cages for hens through our corporate and legal work. This cruel and outdated system causes extreme suffering to birds. Over the last two years, Animal Equality has successfully convinced 28 companies to eliminate cages from their supply chain in the country.


Cruel Dairy Industry

This campaign aimed at reducing the consumption of dairy products in Mexico launched in 2017 with a shocking never-seen-before investigation inside the Mexican dairy industry. The images featured in some of the most important media outlets in the country and over 80,000 people signed our petition asking the Federal Mexican Government to legislate against cruelty to farmed animals. Our educational materials have inspired thousands of Mexicans to eliminate dairy from their diets.


Prosecuting Animal Cruelty

After an unprecedented investigation inside Mexican slaughterhouses, which gained a considerable amount of media attention in the country, Animal Equality worked strenuously to introduce a historical initiative in the Mexican Senate that, if passed, will make animal abuse in farms and slaughterhouses a crime, punishable with up to three years in prison. A similar initiative was introduced in the State of Jalisco.


Ending Cages for Hens

In 2016 Animal Equality started a national campaign in Mexico to end the confinement of hens in cages in the country. A groundbreaking investigation showed how much suffering these sensitive animals endure on factory farms. Our work so far has resulted in six Mexican companies banning cages for hens from their supply chain.


Deadly Dairy

In November 2017, Animal Equality presented a never-seen-before investigation inside the Indian dairy industry. Our investigation covered small, medium and large dairies across the entire country. In total, we visited 107 dairy farms and eight slaughterhouses. As part of the campaign, Animal Equality is encouraging people to eliminate dairy from their diets through its educational efforts.


Chicken Farms in Germany

Animal Equality has presented several investigations inside chicken farms in Germany, including an investigation inside two of Germany’s largest chicken meat producers. Through our educational work, encouraging consumers to reduce their consumption of animal products; legislation initiatives, pressing charges against farms that do not comply with current animal welfare laws; as well as our corporate work, working with companies to improve chicken welfare, we are committed to improving the welfare of chickens in Germany.


Cruel Duck Farms

Since the presentation of a powerful investigation inside duck farms in Germany in December 2014, Animal Equality has been working to improve the welfare of these animals in the country.


Voiceless Friends

Animal Equality’s Voiceless Friends campaign goal is to end the cat and dog meat trade. Since the launch of this campaign in 2013, Animal Equality has collected over 600,000 signatures urging the Chinese government to eradicate this cruel trade. We have also presented four shocking investigations inside cat and dog meat markets and slaughterhouses and worked with authorities and Chinese activists managing to close 33 vendors that sold cat and dog meat and slaughterhouses.

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