Working with corporations to improve the lives of farmed animals.


Our focus

Corporations large and small have the power to improve the lives of farmed animals with just one policy reform. Working together we can maximise the potential effects of animal protection commitments.

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach department works with businesses to help them implement reforms while inspiring them to see animals as much more than products.

cages for hens

Chickens farmed for eggs are among the most abused animals on the planet. All around the world hens often face intense confinement in small cages and are denied the ability to live a natural life.

Hens who live in caged systems face a variety of problems including osteoporosis and other bone problems, discomfort and lack of exercise, and strong physical and psychological stress. These reasons are why Animal Equality has focused its resources on working with companies to implement reforms that reduce animal suffering.


Improving the lives
of chickens

Chickens are sociable creatures who like to forage, to be with their companions, to bathe in the sand, and to bask in the sun; yet chickens raised for meat suffer in the greatest number of any land animal.

Chickens reared for meat are crammed into huge sheds and bred to be ready for slaughter so quickly that their legs often cannot support the weight of their bodies. Their miserable lives are often cut short due to debilitating diseases, infection, and injuries.

Animal Equality works with global companies to implement policies that improve the lives of these sensitive animals.



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