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Mexico approves first nationwide Sustainable Food Law


Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved the nation’s first Adequate and Sustainable Food Law, supporting the country’s transition toward plant-based foods.

With 420 votes in favour, 0 abstentions, and 0 votes against the Bill, Mexico’s first nationwide Adequate and Sustainable Food Law will now pass to the Federal Executive, who will sign it into law.

This achievement stems from Animal Equality’s three-year collaboration with Food Alliance and Climate Action, all of whom worked together with Senator Nancy de la Sierra Arámburo to propose the groundbreaking Bill.

With the passing of this law, Mexico will now promote a dietary model that prioritises the consumption of plant-based foods while significantly reducing the consumption of animal products.

This law is truly pioneering. In addition to promoting human health and environmental sustainability, the emphasis on plant-based foods will lead to a reduction in farmed animal suffering. We will continue working with Mexico’s legislators to promote compassionate, sustainable, and nutritious foods across the country

Dulce Ramírez, Animal Equality’s Vice-President for Latin America and Executive Director in Mexico

Animal Equality works tirelessly to transform our food system all over the world, promoting tasty plant-based alternatives.

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