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Eggs - Animal Equality

The life of
a caged hen

The true cost of a box of eggs

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Hens are very social animals who like to forage for food, take dust-baths, perch and take care of their families. Selectively bred to produce the maximum number of eggs, hens on egg farms often spend up to two years packed in wire cages with sixty other birds.

The cages are so small and crowded that hens cannot even spread their wings or exhibit other natural behaviours.


Hours Hens Suffer for One Egg in the U.K.
Hens Crammed per Cage in the U.K.
40+ million
Male Chicks Killed Every Year in the U.K.
38 million
Hens Used for Eggs in the U.K.
Hens Living In Cages in the U.K.

Animal Equality's Work

Hens used for their eggs suffer immensely. Animal Equality’s investigators are working in tandem with our education and corporate outreach departments to help expose cruelty, educate the public, and obtain corporate commitments to ban cages.

International ACHIEVEMENTS

Through investigations and corporate outreach, Animal Equality has secured more than 60 policy commitments from corporations aimed at improving the lives of hens.

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