Reducing suffering, saving lives.

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Animal Equality is working internationally to end the global crisis generated by animal agriculture. Our organisation is dedicated to educating the public and to implementing policies that protect animals.

With your support, millions of animals around the world benefit from the victories we are making.


Our outreach efforts help bring awareness to millions of people all around the world. We educate them on the reality that farmed animals face on a daily basis and help them choose more compassionate food options.

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Our brave team of investigators use trailblazing techniques to bring to light the horrific realities that farmed animals face. The footage we capture is used to inform consumers about the cruel and abusive practices common in factory farms.

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Through our corporate outreach department, we work with some of the world’s largest companies to implement more compassionate animal protection policies. These policies help achieve meaningful advances in animal care.

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Animal Equality works with law enforcement agencies and governments to hold animal abusers accountable and to help make improvements to laws that benefit animals.

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Your support is helping Animal Equality launch innovative campaigns aimed at reducing farmed animal suffering in the UK and around the world.


We want to share some of our international achievements with you. Without your support, none of this would be possible. Thanks for being on the side of the animals!

United Kingdom

4.3 million hens freed from cages

After an Animal Equality investigation revealed shocking scenes of suffering filmed on a Noble Foods caged-hen farm in Dorset, United Kingdom, the company announced a commitment to solely cage-free egg production by 2025. We are incredibly proud to have played an important part in this landmark decision and congratulate our friends at The Humane League UK for their tireless efforts over the past six months to make this happen.


Dog slaughterhouse closed

A total of 33 dog and cat meat stalls and a dog slaughterhouse have been closed by Chinese authorities after an Animal Equality investigation highlighted the cruel and illegal trade in these establishments and thanks to the collaboration of Volunteer Centre of Guangzhou.


Historic sentence for animal cruelty

After we revealed horrific animal cruelty on El Escobar farm, four farm workers were found guilty of animal cruelty and given the maximum sentence allowed under law.

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What others say about us

I am grateful for the work and diligence of organisations such as Animal Equality.

Henry Smith

Member of Parliament


Support our investigations

Animal Equality’s investigators are on the front lines telling the stories of animals who would otherwise suffer in silence. They need your support so they can keep exposing the truth. Give a generous gift today so investigators can continue the lifesaving work they do.

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Volunteer to help animals

Animal Equality’s dedicated network of volunteers works around the country, helping us share the stories of animals in need! Participate in demonstrations, hand out leaflets, organise iAnimal events – your support helps create a kinder world for animals.


Try cruelty-free foods

Adopting a plant-based diet is the single greatest thing you can do to reduce animal suffering. There are now so many delicious cruelty-free food options available in supermarkets and restaurants in cities throughout the UK, it’s never been easier to try vegan!

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