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I still think about their little broken skeletons

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A Message from Chef Alexis Gauthier
6th November, 2023

Bonjour Supporter! I’m Alexis Gauthier, a classically trained and Michelin-starred French chef. You might know me for my role as a judge on BBC One’s MasterChef, or for my restaurants, Gauthier Soho and 123V. In 2016, I made a decision that completely…

pig on factory farm
Watch: Consumers react live to factory farm footage
20th September, 2023

Animal Equality went to New York City to show members of the public the truth behind Denny’s. Denny’s is a restaurant chain in the US and it still allows the use of cruel ‘gestation crates’ for pigs in its supply chain.

scottish salmon premature death fish industry
Countryfile showed the deaths on Scottish salmon farms, but a fish welfare expert says the BBC didn’t go far enough
11th September, 2023

On Sunday night, the BBC aired its latest edition of Countryfile, a journalism show covering British farming. The show contained a segment on Scottish salmon farming in which the BBC investigated record numbers of salmon deaths happening on farms. In an interview…

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Watch: Peter Singer’s Interview With Animal Equality
10th August, 2023

The acclaimed philosopher travelled to Madrid to present his book, Ethics in Action, and talk about the life of Henry Spira who inspired the book.

a farmed salmon is bludgeoned in a Scottish salmon slaughterhouse to stun A farmed salmon is stunned by a worker hitting it with a baton in a Scottish salmon slaughterhouse
The Life and Death of Farmed Fish
5th April, 2023

Do you know what life was like for the fish that you see packaged in your supermarket? The reality of life and death for farmed fish in the UK will shock you - read on to learn the truth.

A farmed fish facility in Scotland with salmon kept in sea pens before slaughter
Fish Expert Reacts to Investigative Footage From Scottish Fish Farm
8th March, 2023

We asked fish expert Mark Borthwick to give his expert opinion on our latest investigation into the fish industry. He was shocked by what he saw.

piglet in factory farm UK piglet on factory farm UK
How To Solve The Enforcement Problem In UK Farms
7th March, 2023

Animal Equality exposed the broken legal framework that fails to protect UK farmed animals. The good news is that we have a solution - will you be part of it?

3 Facts That Will Change Your Mind About Fish Farming 
27th February, 2023

When you think of Scottish fish you might picture images of beautiful salmon or trout gliding through open waters, the sun shimmering on their scales. This is the imagery that the UK aquaculture industry wants you to see. But it is far from reality. Here are three things that will change your mind about fish farming.

Who is Behind The Fish Farming Industry? Three Companies You Should Know About
27th February, 2023

Fish farming is responsible for most of the fish killed for human consumption in the world. Globally, between 40 and 120 billion farmed fish are slaughtered for human consumption each year. Here’s some of the work Animal Equality has done to uncover the practices taking place in facilities operated by some of the largest fish producers operating in the UK and worldwide today.