Raising Awareness

Through education, Animal Equality works to reduce animal suffering and change people’s perceptions of the world’s most exploited animals.

Promoting compassion

We have the power to choose kindness over cruelty every time we sit down to eat. Online or on the ground, our outreach team is encouraging people all around the world to reduce or eliminate their meat consumption and replace animal products with delicious plant-based foods.

iAnimal: exposing secretive factory farms

Animal Equality is putting technology to work for animals. Our team has filmed with 360-degree cameras to produce films on the lives of pigs, chickens, and cows. Compassionate celebrities, including Peter Egan, Amanda Abbington and Evanna Lynch have lent their voices to support iAnimal.

The iAnimal films have been seen by tens of thousands of people at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and UCLA.

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Love Veg:
A plant-based journey

Love Veg provides people with all the support they need to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets. The Love Veg website is filled with delicious recipes and helpful tips for new vegans about topics such as cooking on a budget.

People transitioning to a plant-based diet can also sign up to the Love Veg e-newsletter course for further support. These emails have proven to be an effective catalyst for inspiring change.

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Outreach creates awareness

Traditional offline methods are also effective at inspiring important behaviour changes. Our dedicated team of volunteers is an important part of these outreach efforts. They help organise screenings in towns and cities across the world and have distributed leaflets to over a quarter of a million people.

The power of social media

Social media enables our message to travel further and allows us to connect with a diverse audience. Creative and engaging content empowers people to make better decisions for animals.

Videos, such as our chicken hatchery investigation video which has been viewed online by more than 75 million people, enable more people than ever before to witness the cruelty and learn about cruelty-free alternatives.

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Taking the voices of animals further

Animal Equality aims to share its values of compassion, determination, and effectiveness on a global scale. Our international team participates in conferences and talks all around the world speaking on behalf of defenseless animals.

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This experience gave me the push I needed to make the change to vegan. It's hard to watch, but harder to ignore.


Student at University of East Anglia

The virtual reality video of the treatment of pigs and their slaughter was sickening. The animal cruelty, so vividly displayed by virtual reality, has led me to question my faith in the standard of animal welfare, its regulation by the government, and my diet as well.


Student at Exeter University


Love Veg!

Helping farmed animals is now easier than it has ever been. Today, a trip to the supermarket reveals there are more cruelty-free plant-based options than ever before. Leaving animals off your plate will spare hundreds of them from a lifetime of misery, and it will help the planet and benefit your health.

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Volunteer with
Animal Equality

Do you want to be at the forefront of helping animals? Sign up to become an Animal Equality volunteer in your city and you could join us at local events or even help organise outreach events of your own!

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Social media is a powerful tool for sharing information and raising awareness. You can even use it to share the stories of animals in need. Follow Animal Equality on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date!

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