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Communications and Digital Marketing Officer

Philanthropy Specialist

Thank you for your interest in working with Animal Equality!


With Animal Equality’s ambitious goals, it takes a team of dedicated, passionate and qualified individuals to change the lives of farmed animals across the globe. We’re so grateful for such an excellent team, and without them we wouldn’t have been able to save millions of farmed animals every year.

We are proud of our culture at Animal Equality, and our employees are too, with 100% of employees saying they are proud to work for our charity.

Our Culture

Animal Equality continuously encourages a culture of accountability and empowerment, where constructive and targeted feedback is given consistently and where empowerment results in better outcomes for animals. We value integrity and ownership, whilst developing staff’s grit and balance organisational and team needs.

We believe that with our careful stewardship of fund application, and strategic focus on the four areas of spreading awareness, undercover investigations, legal advocacy and philanthropy, that we stand out from the rest.


At Animal Equality, our staff adapt and are flexible in a changing environment, while maintaining effectiveness, efficiency and grace. We persevere, overcoming difficulties in order to achieve our objectives. We encourage staff to push forward in the face of adversity, improving after each challenge and becoming ever-more capable, secure and self-reliant.


It’s vital that the team recognise the importance of their role within the wider organisation and the part it plays in sparing animals from suffering, and with our goals being so ambitious, a conscientious attitude and a can-do spirit is crucial.

Flexible & Patient!

We’re aware that achieving the vision of ending animal suffering takes time, so we ask that our employees show patience and take a calm, considered approach. With a constantly changing environment, staff aim to identify when we need to adapt and try new tactics to ensure the greatest impact for animals.

Team Player!

Positive working relationships are key to a great working culture, where everyone feels valued and respected. Our employees collaborate effectively and cooperatively with fellow colleagues across multiple countries, working as part of a friendly team of international co-workers.

Ownership & Pride!

We take ownership and responsibility for the work that we do, and expect the same of our employees. Our team can’t control all external factors, and so ask that they take a proactive, problem-solving and solutions-focused approach.


Integrity is a large part of our identity; it’s vital that employees align their behaviour with the values of Animal Equality and embrace honest and meaningful relationships with co-workers, donors and stakeholders. We continuously work to create a culture that is built on trust and confidence. With this, all members embrace feedback and value transparency.

Creative Flair!

With your key objectives in mind, you dare to be bold, showing creativity and innovation in your work. You are resourceful in your approach and you think outside of the box, producing interesting results that enable Animal Equality to reach new heights.


We value a workplace that is supportive, professional and respectful, where everyone interacts with compassion and composure.

Growth Mindset!

With Animal Equality operating in eight different countries, global thinking is at the core of our success. Not only do we want to achieve our goals in the UK, we also want to achieve them globally, and in order to do this we ask that our team support Animal Equality’s growth culture by fostering innovation and creativity.

What it’s like to work at animal equality

Animal Equality’s unwavering commitment to advocating on behalf of animals, coupled with its relentless pursuit of a warm, passionate work culture and remarkable ability to strategise transformative changes, is why I find such joy in being part of the team. Every day, knowing that my efforts contribute to meaningful, life-saving differences for animals makes my work incredibly fulfilling. I’m grateful to be part of this exceptional charity, where making a genuine impact is not just a goal but a shared passion.

Isobel Wallington, Operations Coordinator

I absolutely love my role at Animal Equality; it has given my life a profound sense of purpose. Unlike my previous job in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, where I often questioned the significance of my work, I now wake up each morning with renewed energy. I not only enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded colleagues who are deeply passionate about our cause but also have a crystal-clear sense of purpose.

As a part of our small yet powerful team, I no longer feel like a cog in a corporate machine. Every day is different because we all have the opportunity to go above and beyond our job descriptions if we choose to. Most importantly, with every newsletter I write, every advertisement I share, and every problem I tackle, I know I am contributing to the vital work we do, making a significant impact on the lives of countless farmed animals.

Imogen Allen, Copywriting Coordinator

In a time where it can sometimes be hard to match our personal values with our occupations, I feel accomplished knowing that my work at Animal Equality is part of a larger mission helping to bring us closer to a world in which animals are recognised as individuals, deserving of dignity and benevolence. The tirelessness with which my colleagues fight globally to improve the world for farmed animals makes me proud to be part of a team of such inspiring and devoted individuals. Animal Equality feels like the perfect place for those looking to be part of groundbreaking work within the animal protection movement.

Akira Francis-Grant, Administrative Officer

I have taken a great deal from my time at Animal Equality. Firstly, I will always be grateful to have been part of a team of people who are truly passionate about changing the world for animals. I also really appreciate the support and guidance I received during my time at Animal Equality, and this is something I will hold close to me during what I hope is a long career working to achieve much-needed changes for our animal friends. I’m happy to continue to support Animal Equality and I’m excited for the many achievements I know this dedicated team will continue to secure.

Jenny Canham

What Benefits we offer

We are proud to showcase some of the exciting perks that come with working for our charity. 

  • A generous holiday entitlement equal to 33 days per year (including standard public holidays)
  • Personalised Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Staff, volunteer and supporter wellbeing is of great importance to Animal Equality. An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an employer-funded benefit that offers employees, supporters and volunteers confidential counselling and advice on a wide range of work and personal issues. The program offers several services, such as a 24/7 confidential helpline and expert Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Flexible hours, with the option to start between 8am-10am and finish between 4pm-6pm
  • Able Futures Support: The service is a nine month, practical and confidential support service for employees whose circumstances or mental health may impact their wellbeing or work. Employees can work with a mental health professional to deepen their understanding of how their mental health may impact them and will build coping skills and resilience to thrive at work.
  • Gifted yearly stipend to access learning and development resources, to help employees further grow their personal and professional skills
  • Monthly stipends for employees to enjoy a vegan lunch at the Animal Equality monthly meetups
  • End of year Christmas meals for the Animal Equality team to celebrate our achievements and enjoy a fun meal together