Dairy's Dark Secrets

Fighting back against Februdairy

'Februdairy' is the dairy industry's desperate attempt to promote its products to a world that is waking up to the truth.

Thanks to our generous supporters, Animal Equality's billboards are running in 10 cities across the UK this February, showing the public the truth behind the secretive dairy industry. Our message will reach millions!

For full location details and to see the billboard designs themselves, click the button below.

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Shining a light on the true cost of dairy

Our campaign has been criticised by dairy farmers, one of whom accused Animal Equality UK of trying to “shock conscientious consumers into ditching dairy”. That's absolutely right! The unsuspecting British public will be horrified to discover the secrets that this industry keeps from us.

Free range, grass-fed, organic or otherwise, cruel practices are part and parcel of every commercial dairy farm. So, British dairy industry, we ask you: why do you hide these facts in your 'Februdairy' campaign?

Take action

You can change this. You can stop cows from suffering today, just by leaving dairy products off your plate.

We've partnered with a number of vegan businesses up and down the UK who are offering exclusive discounts on their delicious plant-based food throughout February in support of our campaign. Why not support an independent business, try a taste of plant-based and get a discount in the process?!

Try plant-based!