Cruel Cages: Hens suffering on British egg farm

Over 40% of hens in the UK are currently crammed into cages and locked away for life. This cruel confinement cannot continue. SIGN NOW!

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These chickens were grossly crowded, in a barren environment devoid of virtually any environmental enrichment, and unable to exercise key [...] natural behaviours. Such conditions cause chronic stress.  Professor Andrew Knight, University of Winchester

Ban Brutal Cages

Companies like to paint a picture of happy hens lovingly laying eggs for us to eat, yet they fail to add that 41% of hens in the UK are kept in cages.

As a nation of animal lovers, we must demand that this unacceptable treatment of animals comes to a close.

A petition calling to ‘End the Cage Age’ – led by Compassion in World Farming – garnered support from over 100,000 British citizens. This call to ban cages for all farmed animals is supported by Animal Equality and many fellow animal protection organisations. In March 2020 Defra responded, stating that it was “examining the future use of cages for all laying hens”. Whilst we are pleased to see this progress, hens need actions, not words.

Cruel cages must be banned, without delay.

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