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Watch: Consumers react live to factory farm footage

Animal Equality went to New York City to show members of the public the truth behind Denny’s. Denny’s is a restaurant chain in the US and it still allows the use of cruel ‘gestation crates’ for pigs in its supply chain.

These gestation crates are so small that the pigs can’t turn around or take more than a small step forward. They’re confined inside the crates for months at a time.

Animal Equality is urging Denny’s to end its association with gestation crates.

What about pigs in the UK?

Fortunately, gestation crates are already banned in the UK, but the UK meat industry continues to use other cruel practices on pigs.

In 2021, Animal Equality released footage from a UK pig farm called P&G Sleigh Pig Unit and what we discovered was shocking.

The investigator filmed how female pigs used for breeding are repeatedly artificially inseminated, then forced to give birth and nurse their young in cages called ‘farrowing crates’. Much like gestation crates, these metal cages make it impossible for the pig to turn around or engage in natural behaviours.

This is standard practice on UK pig farms.

Several mother pigs on P&G Sleigh Pig Unit were also suffering from torn vulvas and severe prolapses. In a particularly harrowing scene, a pig struggling with a very large uterine prolapse was forced to walk for over one and a half minutes before being killed.

Many pigs we filmed were kept in squalid, dark conditions and some were even forced to live in pens flooded with water and faeces, with no access to dry bedding.

Animal Equality has investigated a number of UK pig farms over the last few years and we consistently find suffering.

How you can help pigs

The best thing we can do for pigs is to leave them off our plates and replace meat with delicious, plant-based alternatives.

Get a free plant-based cookbook by signing up to Love Veg at the link below.

protect pigs

Pigs are highly social animals who are often considered smarter than dogs. You can protect these intelligent animals by simply choosing plant-based alternatives.

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