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Animal Equality's Impact Report 2022


We have impacted over 33 million animals in eight countries thanks to YOU.
Learn here about the change that, together, we are making for animals

Dear friend,

I’m excited to introduce our autumn impact report, highlighting our significant strides for animals.

From shaping the Mexican Constitution to defending Prop 12 in the US, your steadfast support has catalysed positive change. Our exposé of cruelty in Scotland’s salmon industry on the BBC’s Countryfile show was impactful. We’ve also released new investigations into the pig and egg industries, motivating thousands to adopt a compassionate diet.

These achievements are a testament to your unwavering commitment. Your donations, signatures, and advocacy efforts propel our mission toward a more compassionate world.

As we celebrate our progress so far, remember that every action you take contributes to a kinder world for animals.

Thank you for being an indispensable part of our journey.

With gratitude,

Sharon Núñez
President, Animal Equality

Sharon Núñez

Animal Equality: 17+ Years of Changing the World for Animals

In 2006, Animal Equality was founded in Spain by Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle, and Javier Moreno with one mission: to protect animals.

In 2016, Animal Equality decided to dedicate its resources exclusively to farmed animals who are raised and killed for human consumption. Farmed animals suffer and die in the greatest numbers and are generally not protected by laws and policies.

Animal Equality is one of the world’s most effective advocacy organisations for farmed animals today.

With you by our side, we work tirelessly in eight countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India – to achieve our shared vision of a world where all animals are respected and protected.

Thanks to your support, we conduct undercover investigations to expose what animals endure inside factory farms and slaughterhouses. We also make tangible progress for them by criminalising abuse, promoting new laws, working with companies to update their animal protection policies, and inspiring people to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products.

None of this would be possible without you.

Let’s celebrate your achievements for animals from January to September 2023.


Woman holding a baby lamb



Man holding a camera



Woman using a virtual reality headset



Animal advocates protesting outside a LIDL



Woman signing a document



Promoting Delicious Plant-Based Eating

Adopting plant-based eating is Animal Equality’s most important message to citizens worldwide. In all our publications, we encourage our supporters to replace meat, dairy, and eggs with delicious, plant-based foods. That is why we built Love Veg, Animal Equality’s signature plant-based program. Our associated website, social media posts, emails, and events provide people with the information, motivation, and recipes they need to discover the diverse world of plant-based foods.

We are inspiring millions of people to help animals with every meal!

Woman holding a mobile phone



Laptop showing Love Veg webpage

1.1+ million


Love Veg interview on television



Inviting people in Mexico to ‘Choose Without Cages’

In Mexico, 99% of hens in the egg industry are forced to live in tiny cages; they are given a space the size of a sheet of paper. Animal Equality’s new ‘Choose Without Cages” campaign promotes plant-based egg alternatives in the world’s most egg-consuming country per capita. Love Veg aids this shift with a 20-recipe cookbook that offers tasty egg replacements. As of this year, our recipe books have been downloaded over 150,000 times in Mexico!

Love Veg recipe book with plant-based alternatives to eggs.

Inspiring Brazilians to go plant-based

Last February, we relaunched Love Veg in Brazil with the My First Vegan Recipes cookbook! Almost 19,000 people have visited the landing page, and thousands have subscribed to receive our emails, complete with information about transitioning to plant-based foods. 

Vegan breakfast by Love Veg
You will find the recipes to prepare this in My First Vegan Recipes

iAnimal at Italian Festivals

This year, Love Veg released a new cookbook in Italy featuring vegan recipes from chefs, influencers, and plant-based cooking experts. Additionally, we introduced iAnimal’s virtual reality experience at two major festivals in the country. Hundreds of attendees gained unique insights into intensive farming from the animals’ perspective, prompting reflection on their food choices.

Animal Equality promoting iAnimal at an Italian Festival.

Indian influencers promoting the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge

Aaditi Pohankar, from the web series ‘She’ discusses the benefits of a plant-based diet for animals, the environment, and health in a recent Animal Equality video. Esha, an actor and content creator, collaborated with us for the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge, sharing her thoughts on delicious plant-based dishes.

Love Veg invites people to live plant-based in Germany

Animal Equality attended the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin, with an estimated 60,000 visitors. At Animal Equality’s stand, over 250 visitors watched iAnimal, a virtual reality project that allows viewers to see the realities of animals’ lives on factory farms. After watching it, Animal Equality invited people to visit the Love Veg website for recipes and plant-based advice. 

Animal Equality in the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin
Animal Equality at the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin.

Veganising traditional dishes in Spain 

We launched a new ebook in Spain called Veganising Traditions. This completely free recipe book contains 18 delicious and easy vegan recipes for some of the most classic and favourite dishes in the country, to inspire people to take their first steps to go plant-based.

Veganizing Traditions Love Veg cookbook.
Veganizing Traditions cookbook.

Advancing laws to promote plant-based food in Mexico

The Senate greenlit a bill for a Sustainable Food Law in Mexico, led by Animal Equality and Alianza Alimentaria. Pending Congress approval, we’ll launch programs for a kinder and more sustainable food system that benefits people and animals.

Dulce Ramírez, Animal Equality Executive Director in Mexico, during the introduction of the Sustainable Food bill
Dulce Ramírez, Executive Director for Animal Equality in Mexico, during the introduction of the Sustainable Food Bill.

Campaign Actions

You’ve supported our campaigns to advocate for mother pigs trapped in cages. You’ve defended chickens bred to grow so large, so quickly that their legs and organs cannot keep up. You have given a voice to farmed fish who are left to suffocate and die, and you’ve exposed how calves are dragged away from their mothers – never to be seen again – in the dairy industry. 

By signing our petitions, sharing our work, and joining our protests, you are initiating changes to company policies, securing legal reforms, and even closing factory farms while convicting animal abusers. To top it off, thousands of people are switching to plant-based foods to help animals.

Ending Factory Farming

Giving Cows in the Dairy Industry a Voice

Richa Moorjani wearing an Animal Equality shirt.


Animal Equality partners with celebrated actress and activist Richa Moorjani to release dairy investigation

Teaming up with committed activist and actress Richa Moorjani, we unveiled an investigation exposing India’s dairy industry. This two-year endeavour spanned 27 farms, six markets, and two slaughterhouses across India, revealing the cruelty within this global industry. Richa’s impactful, plant-based message is resonating with thousands. 

Improving the Lives of Chickens

Protecting Fish

Salmon underwater


BBC Countryfile features Animal Equality salmon investigation

Following Animal Equality’s investigation into the fish farming industry in Scotland, the BBC television show Countryfile featured footage shared by Animal Equality. The show exposed the record numbers of salmon dying on Scottish farms before reaching the slaughterhouse, a staggering one in four. Alongside this, Animal Equality launched a new petition calling for consumers to boycott salmon products and for the Government to stop the growth of this industry.

Advocating for Ducks and Geese

Eliminating Cages for Hens

Brown hen walking


With a new investigation, Animal Equality exposes cruelty behind eggs

Our undercover investigators documented four hen farms and one slaughterhouse in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest egg-producing state. Xuxa and Junno, famous TV hosts and animal activists, narrated the investigation video and invited people to reduce or eliminate egg consumption to help these sensitive birds.


Advancing the cage-free movement

Animal Equality is working with hotels in Mumbai, India, to advance its transition away from eggs produced by caged hens. Hotels like Intercontinental, Four Seasons, St. Regis, and Radisson have already progressed significantly, while Novotel in Bangalore has finally initiated its cage-free transition. We are also contacting egg producers to urge them to eliminate cages from their farms. Just this year, ten egg producers have pledged to do so.

White hen looking at the camera
Person holding a brown hen


Supermarket cage-free commitment to impact 300,000 hens per year

After an 11-month campaign led by Animal Equality, the Brazilian supermarket Supernosso finally committed to eliminating eggs from caged hens in its supply chain by 2028. As the first such commitment in Minas Gerais, it will impact around 300,000 hens yearly.

Taking Action for Pigs

Fueling Media Attention for Farmed Animals

Thanks to your continued support, our work for animals is reaching millions of people via television, newspapers, radio, and other worldwide media. This means more people than ever are witnessing the cruelty and learning about compassionate alternatives!

Camera recording event in exterior of Mexican Senate



Television presenter




The following news organizations have featured Animal Equality’s undercover investigations and campaigns defending animals.

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Indian media recognises Amruta Ubale’s work for farmed animals

Amruta Ubale, Senior Director for Public Affairs at Animal Equality in India, has been honoured by Femina Magazine as a prominent woman shaping a new India. Her remarkable courage and dedication to protecting animals have led to significant achievements, including banning foie gras imports in India and preventing animal transportation across the Indo-Nepal border for sacrifice.

Amruta Ubale in the Femina Magazine

You Can Help Animals

YOU do your best for animals every day, as do we. Animal Equality will continue fighting this battle against the powerful animal agriculture industry. We need your support more than ever to continue changing the world for farmed animals. 

Please, join us to make 2023 a historic year for them!