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How To Change or Create New Laws for Animals
31st January, 2023

Government consultations can lead to new laws being implemented or to the strengthening of existing laws to better protect animals. In this article, we explain what Government consultations are and how they can change the lives of animals.

3 Incredible Stories Of People Helping Animals
30th January, 2023

There are some incredible people fighting for animals; people who have taken great risks and made great sacrifices to help animals. Animal Equality President, Sharon Núñez, tells their stories in a speech given at the Animal & Vegan Advocacy Summit in Washington…

Is Fishing Cruel?
20th January, 2023

Fish are often forgotten. Compared to other animals, there’s much less awareness around their lives and their experiences. There’s also a lot less information about the fish industry and how it treats fish on farms and inside slaughterhouses.

A lame cow is lifted up using machinery on a UK dairy farm A lame cow on a dairy farm is lifted off the ground by a hip clamp hoist
Dairy’s Lameness Epidemic in the UK
22nd December, 2022

Lameness is one of the most common and pressing welfare issues on UK dairy farms, but what does it mean for cows and why is more not done about it?

Our Top 10 Moments For Animals In 2022
21st December, 2022

In 2022, together we’ve impacted an estimated 201 million animals worldwide. Here are 10 of the biggest moments for animals in the last 12 months.

chick and chicken on egg farm uk
Three Ways to Help Animals This Giving Tuesday
25th November, 2022

Want to make a difference for animals this Giving Tuesday? Find out how you can help create a better future for farmed animals with these three easy actions!

Who Regulates The Meat Industry In The UK?
18th November, 2022

Animal Equality is known for its powerful undercover investigations into factory farms and slaughterhouses. We’ve visited over 800 facilities around the world exposing extreme animal cruelty and suffering.  We recently carried out an investigation of a different kind, this time in the…

5 Cases Of Animal Suffering Which Never Went To Trial
17th November, 2022

Animal Equality has investigated nearly 50 UK factory farms and slaughterhouses in the last 10 years. Here are five high-profile cases which never went to trial.

The Issue Of Routine Tail Docking Inside UK Pig Farms
15th November, 2022

Tail docking is the practice of cutting off a pig’s tail in order to prevent tail biting. Although the practice is legal, performing it routinely is not permitted under UK law. In a new report, Animal Equality and The Animal Law Foundation reveal shocking statistics on tail docking and explain why this is a major problem affecting UK pig farms.

Swiss Referendum: Sparking A Conversation About Intensive Farming
17th October, 2022

In a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind vote, Switzerland has set an important precedent that must be celebrated. On the 25th September, Swiss citizens were asked to decide in a referendum whether to ban intensive animal farming. The referendum proposal also called for the Government…