Rooney Mara joins Animal Equality to investigate British factory farms

Can you imagine seeing inside a factory farm with your own eyes? Animal activist and actress Rooney Mara experienced just that when she recently joined us on an undercover investigation inside two British farms. 

Animal Equality has released ‘With My Own Eyes’, a video narrated by Rooney, which exposes the intense cruelty within the secretive meat industry. Rooney tells the heartbreaking stories of the millions of pigs and chickens raised for meat every year in the UK.

Nothing prepares you for looking into the eyes of a mother pig whose life is to be impregnated and left in a cage until she’s slaughtered. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to be literally trapped and crushing your own babies and not be able to do anything about it.”
Rooney Mara

The investigation captured scenes inside one farm of over 3,000 confined pigs experiencing extreme distress. Mother pigs confined in small crates crushed their newly born piglets due to lack of space and inability to move. We also documented pigs with severe, untreated hernias, and dozens of dying piglets receiving no veterinary attention.

On another farm over 50,000 chickens were crammed into filthy sheds. Bred to grow so abnormally large that their legs and organs cannot function properly, we found injured chickens unable to move or reach food and water. According to the farm’s own records, 1,936 birds died within the first seven weeks of their life before, averaging 42 dead birds per day.

Over one billion chickens and ten million pigs are slaughtered in the UK every year for their meat, with over 90% of these animals raised on factory farms. In these intensive conditions, animals are typically kept in dirty, overcrowded sheds, unable to feel the sun on their backs or carry out any of their natural behaviours.

Animal Equality’s brave undercover investigators face great personal risk to reveal what the meat industry doesn’t want you to see, and what the public has every right to know. We are deeply grateful to Rooney for joining us to expose the secretive meat industry and telling the heartbreaking stories of these pigs and chicken.

Watch the film here.