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17th December, 2014

Animal Equality presents its 2014 year in review.

Animal Equality presents it’s 2014 year in review. This has been a year full of positive change for animals in which the organization has been able to achieve landmark victories around the world.

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1st December, 2014

Animal Equality has been announced as one of the most effective animal organisations worldwide

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) is a non-profit that evaluates different animal rights and animal welfare organizations in the US and Europe based on their effectiveness and their impact on the animals. This year ACE has chosen three organizations out of over 150 they considered and awarded them with being a "Top Charity", meaning they consider them to be the most effective charities with the highest impact for animals.

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4th June, 2014

Victory following our undercover investigation into rabbit farms!

The Terrace at the National Theatre in London was linked to the farms and slaughterhouses investigated. When the shocking images were brought to their attention, they announced that they had not only removed the rabbit dish from their menu, but would also never be reinstating it.

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4th March, 2014

New Compassionate Outreach Campaign!

The Compassionate Outreach Campaign will promote the most effective forms of veg advocacy, aiming to prevent and reduce animal suffering in factory farms, which now accounts for more than 90 percent of all farmed animals raised and slaughtered in the United Kingdom.

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17th August, 2012

Harling Farm worker jailed for pig cruelty

Today two workers have been sentenced after pleading guilty to multiple counts of animal cruelty following an undercover investigation carried out by Animal Equality. Footage was filmed of the men beating pigs on Harling Farm in Norfolk.

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26th July, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Two men exposed by Animal Equality abusing pigs on Harling Farm have pled guilty in court this morning

The men, who caused cruelty to pigs by hitting and throwing them, have been told they could face prison at the Norwich Magistrates’ Court in Norfolk today. Animal Equality’s shocking footage from the two-month investigation into this ‘Quality Assured, Red Tractor’ farm, has led to the conviction of Geoffrey Towell, 54, from East Harling in Norfolk, and James Dove, 27, from Wymondham in Norfolk.

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28th April, 2012

Urge RSPCA and DEFRA to prosecute East Anglian Pig Co.

We urge the RSPCA and DEFRA not only to investigate the farms exposed by Animal Equality, but to prosecute those who are responsible. SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

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26th April, 2012

Statement on RSPCA’s recent refusal to prosecute East Anglian Pig Co.

Animal Equality's statement about the recent investigation into East Anglian Pig Co.

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22nd April, 2012

New undercover investigation reveals shocking brutality at East Anglian Pig Co.

Undercover investigation reveals shocking brutality 
exposing leading supermarket supplier in the UK

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12th February, 2012

Shocking new undercover investigation inside the British pig industry exposes Harling Farm

The hidden truth behind a typical British farm

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28th September, 2011

Animal Equality’s undercover investigation into Spanish zoos, in the Sunday edition of The Daily Star

You can now read about Animal Equality's undercover investigation into the most important zoos in Spain, in the Sunday edition of The Daily Star, which has a circulation of 745,000 copies.

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16th June, 2008

Violent aggression and legal charges against Animal Equality activists in Barcelona

On the afternoon of Sundar 15th of June 6 activists from Spanish organisation Animal Equality carried out two seperate actions in protest against bullfighting at the Barcelona Bullring “Monumental”.