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1st September, 2017

Animal Equality is supporting Compassion in World Farming’s Stop Live Transport campaign and so can you!

Imagine being born and raised on a factory farm. Your short, monotonous life is full of pain and fear. Then at the end of your life, you are forced into a dark, loud, filthy truck with your family, and sent to your terrifying death.

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16th August, 2017

iAnimal film featuring Amanda Abbington shortlisted for Raindance award

iAnimal: 42 days in the life of a chicken, our immersive virtual reality film that allows viewers to experience life – and death - through the eyes of a factory farmed chicken, has been shortlisted for a Raindance VRX award in the Best Social Impact Experience category.

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2nd August, 2017

Brexit could mean a disaster for animal welfare! Act now to ensure animals are still recognised as sentient beings by UK law, when we leave the EU

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, with animal welfare laws that protect sentient animals, and their wellbeing. But with the onset of Brexit, this may all be about to change.

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28th July, 2017

Animal Equality investigation reveals suffering of chickens destined for Nando’s, Lidl and Asda

Animal Equality has today released footage filmed over the past two months on a West Country chicken farm that supplies Faccenda - the UK’s second largest chicken company.

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18th July, 2017

New iAnimal film reveals dairy’s dark secrets!

Our latest iAnimal film is here, and already having a huge impact for animals.

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3rd July, 2017

Celebs and MPs back the call for a #FoieGrasFreeGB

As the Government goes into Brexit talks, we are campaigning for plans to include a ban on foie gras imports - and British celebrities and MPs are joining us!

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14th June, 2017

Animal Equality calls for a #FoieGrasFreeGB

As the UK begins to negotiate its exit from the EU, we are calling on Parliament to commit to banning foie gras imports - taking effect the day we leave.

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26th April, 2017

Animal Equality disappointed by lenient sentence for dairy worker who violently beat cows and young calves

In December 2016 Animal Equality filmed a worker on a Somerset dairy farm kicking and punching nursing cows and throwing newborn calves on the floor. Today he received a mere 12 week suspended prison sentence, £415 of court costs and 150 hours of community service. He is also disqualified from working with farmed animals for only 2 years.

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28th March, 2017

Animal Equality investigation reveals M&S milk supplier confining large calves in small, solitary pens

Animal Equality has released footage from a UK dairy farm flouting animal welfare laws which ban solitary housing for calves beyond eight weeks old. The Dorset farm supplies milk to Marks & Spencer, a supermarket that promotes itself as a leader in animal welfare standards.

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14th March, 2017

Historic vote paves the way for EU ban on rabbit cages!

Thanks to YOU, barren battery cages could soon be history on EU farms.

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10th March, 2017

Breaking! EU vote to ban rabbit cages is under threat

A few hours ago we learned that the European People’s Party (EPP) –the Christian democratic/conservative group in the EU– has submitted an 'alternative motion for resolutions' to the EU parliament in an attempt to undermine the vote on MEP Stefan Eck's report calling for a ban on rabbit cages.

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6th March, 2017

It’s time to ban rabbit cages in Europe!

Animal Equality has released shocking, never-before-seen footage of rabbits suffering on farms in Europe as part of a campaign to urge Members of the European Parliament to vote in favour of measures that could put an end to the use of barren battery cages for rabbits.