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Over 15,000 Sheep Drown In Sudan

The animals died trapped inside a ship carrying them to Saudi Arabia, which sank a few minutes after setting sail.

The live export of animals has led to another tragedy. Over 15,000 sheep have drowned in the Sudanese port of Suakin, on the Red Sea, after the ship transporting them to Saudi Arabia sank. 

Although the reasons for the shipwreck have not yet been confirmed, the media has reported that the ship may have set sail carrying well above its maximum load of animals.

Witnesses have reported that minutes after setting sail, the ship tilted 45 degrees and gradually sank. The eight crew members were rescued but the majority of the animals on board did not survive.

The ship was bound for the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, a major importer of live lambs and sheep destined to be slaughtered for their meat upon arrival.

The News Agency, AFP, posted this update following the tragedy:

Yet Another Tragedy

This tragedy is not the first. In 2021, 895 calves died after being trapped onboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The ship had originally departed from a Spanish port on its way to Turkey, but it was rejected at the port.

As a result, the ship stayed at sea for two and a half months. Some of the calves died onboard, while the 864 survivors were slaughtered at the dock of the Port of Escombreras in Spain.

Every year, more than two billion animals are forced to travel long distances. When transported by sea, they often travel in hot and overcrowded conditions in old ships that are not designed to transport live animals. 

The safety of these ships has long been in question. According to a recent study carried out by the organisations Robin des Bois, the Animal Welfare Foundation and the Tierschutzbund Zürich, live transport ships are the most dangerous in the world. At an average of 41 years old, they are too old and not fit for purpose. 

Thousands of animals die during the journeys and many are thrown overboard, with their bodies occasionally washing up on beaches.

Other animals are transported by road. In 2021, Animal Equality investigated the live transport of sheep across Europe. Every year, millions of lambs are slaughtered in Italy after being forced to endure hellish journeys of up to 1,200 miles from other European countries like Hungary and Romania.

Read more about the live transport of lambs in the article below.

Latest News

On Wednesday 29th November, Councillors on the Planning Committee for North East Lincolnshire Council approved proposals for a controversial on-land intensive salmon farm in Cleethorpes, with four opposing and seven in favour. With plans to produce 5,000 tonnes of dead fish per year, there are no other fish farms of this scale in operation currently in the UK. Once constructed, the facility will be one of the largest in the world.

Each year more than 200,000 tonnes of foie gras made by force-feeding are imported into the UK. Its production is so cruel that it is illegal to make in the UK, yet we hypocritically continue to permit imports. Previously unpublished images taken inside several duck farms in France show the terrible animal suffering involved in foie gras production.

Following conversations with Animal Equality, Giles Watling MP successfully tabled a Westminster Debate, speaking up for millions of ducks and geese trapped in cruel foie gras farms.