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Amazon Rainforest Destruction Driven By Animal Farming

15/10/2019 Updated: 15/10/2021
Amazon deforestation Amazon deforestation

Animal Equality today released alarming aerial drone footage showing the devastating effects that the deforestation driven by animal agriculture is having on the Amazon rainforest. Our investigators visited the state of Pará in North Brazil and filmed the bleak scenes in September 2019.

The fires currently raging in the Amazon rainforest, which have garnered global attention, are being purposely lit to clear land for farming cows and growing soy crops. According to the USDA, Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of both beef and soy. On one single stretch of road, investigators witnessed more than 1,000 trucks loaded with soy travelling to the Port of Itaituba. The majority of soy grown in Brazil and globally is used to feed farmed animals including pigs, chickens and fish raised for their flesh, as well as cows used for dairy and hens farmed for their eggs.

The stark scenes show the true environmental cost of animal farming. Where tropical biodiversity once thrived, vast swathes of land are now desolate, destroyed to feed the global demand for meat and fish.

Deforestation not only destroys important natural habitats, causing mass species extinction and threatening the homes of Indigenous Peoples, it also contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when rainforests are cleared or burnt for animal agriculture, intensifying climate breakdown.

If you’re concerned about our planet’s natural environment, you can avoid dining on this deforestation by choosing plant-based options instead of animal products. Get started today at loveveg.uk.

Latest News

On Wednesday 29th November, Councillors on the Planning Committee for North East Lincolnshire Council approved proposals for a controversial on-land intensive salmon farm in Cleethorpes, with four opposing and seven in favour. With plans to produce 5,000 tonnes of dead fish per year, there are no other fish farms of this scale in operation currently in the UK. Once constructed, the facility will be one of the largest in the world.

Each year more than 200,000 tonnes of foie gras made by force-feeding are imported into the UK. Its production is so cruel that it is illegal to make in the UK, yet we hypocritically continue to permit imports. Previously unpublished images taken inside several duck farms in France show the terrible animal suffering involved in foie gras production.

Following conversations with Animal Equality, Giles Watling MP successfully tabled a Westminster Debate, speaking up for millions of ducks and geese trapped in cruel foie gras farms.