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Need Assistance Relating to a Non-Farmed Animal?

We at Animal Equality focus only on animals farmed for human consumption. While we believe that every animal matters and has the right to live a life free from harm, we are a small team and have a limited number of resources dedicated to these issues. There are, however, other organisations that may be better suited to help with other concerns you may have regarding animals.

Please find the contact details of some of them below:



Dogs Trust


020 7837 0006 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

[email protected]

Cats Protection

0300 012 1212


Battersea Cats & Dogs Home


[email protected]

0800 001 4444

Blue Cross


0300 790 9903

Rocket Lawyer / Rights and Obligations of Pet Owners

Goldsmith Chambers / Legal assistance for cases involving animals and animal rights

Advocates for Animals / The UK’s first animal law firm

If you need to escalate an issue that you think may involve your local council, you can find their details here or if you wish to make a complaint, click here.