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A Message from Diane Morgan

Dear Supporter,

My name’s Diane Morgan. I’m a British actor and comedian.

I love to make people laugh, so usually I can’t help but make a joke of things. But today I’m writing to you with a serious message and it’s no laughing matter. 

Just like me, you’re one of Animal Equality’s followers and there’s something really important happening right now for farmed animals that you should know about.

I was at 10 Downing Street with Animal Equality earlier this week handing in over 122,000 signatures to the Prime Minister. Maybe you’ve seen the photos from the event?

The petition that I’m supporting urges the Government to stop illegal animal abuse from happening on factory farms across the country and I’m so grateful to be a part of this important campaign.

If I’m honest, this whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind.

A year ago, I knew very little about factory farming or Animal Equality. 

Now all of a sudden I’m here writing an email to you after demonstrating outside Downing Street!

It all started last year when I saw one of Animal Equality’s petitions come up on Twitter and I decided to sign and share it.

Abi – Animal Equality UK’s Executive Director – noticed that I had shared it and she decided to reach out to me.

At first I was a little nervous and I wasn’t sure that I could make a difference for animals. But I wanted to learn more. So I agreed to have a call with her and she began explaining everything to me.

She told me how Animal Equality’s investigators had filmed cows being punched and kicked on a UK dairy farm.

She also told me how chickens are forced to grow so fast that their poor bodies can’t keep up and they often suffer heart attacks and lung problems.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d heard little things here and there from friends, but I just had no idea about the extent of it.

I also didn’t know just how much of a difference each of us can make with our daily choices by choosing plant-based foods instead of eating animals. I’ve learned so much already.

But what shocked me the most was when Abi shared a video with me from a pig farm in Scotland.

The video showed a man who worked on the farm walking up behind a piglet with a hammer. The piglet looked so fragile and weak…she was laid on the ground at the side of the pen.

The piglet didn’t know the man was coming. 

Then all of a sudden the man hit her on the head with the hammer. She fell to the ground and her body was shaking.

Then he hit her again and her body was convulsing violently. She kept shaking like this for what seemed like forever.

Then the man turned around and said “As good as any bullet”.

I was horrified.

When I saw the video, I knew I had to do something to help.

Animals are innocent. They give us so much love and they trust us. But the trust they show also makes them vulnerable.

They leave themselves in our hands and trust that we’ll treat them with kindness.

But of course, sometimes people abuse their trust.

The sad truth is that very few people are really looking out for farmed animals. That’s why it’s so important that we do.

We need to show more people the truth and urge them to join us in calling on the Government to take action.

With this petition, we’re calling on the Government to conduct more farm inspections, increase prosecutions for people and companies who illegally abuse animals, and introduce a new licensing system for farms.

I believe in this campaign because I’m living proof that showing people the truth works!

A year ago, I knew very little about what happens to farmed animals. Now I’m here taking action to help them.

We won’t win everyone over straight away. But we don’t need everyone. 

We need more people like you who are prepared to open their eyes to the truth and will do what it takes to help animals.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when there are so many animals who are being abused and neglected.

But the more of us who take action, the more animals we can save.

And I believe in Animal Equality and their investigators.

Behind every factory farm image and video you’ve seen is a brave activist who finds it so hard to see animals suffering right before their eyes.

But they make the difficult decision to go back time and time again because they feel they have a duty to help animals.

They’re so committed and determined, I’m in awe. And with enough support, we can turn the tide for animals.

Investigators are the true heroes and we must do everything we can to support them and their vital work.

We can’t leave them alone in this fight for a kinder world.

That’s why I ask you to please support Animal Equality by making a donation today.

With your support, we can show more people the truth and convince the Government to take action.

Abi tells me that right now, all donations are being matched by another generous donor which means you can give twice as much to help animals at no extra cost to you. This opportunity is available until 30th June or until Animal Equality reaches their UK goal of £140,000.

Animals need you. Please make a donation to help them today.

Thank you,


P.S. Animal Equality’s investigators are heroes and they need your support. Together, we can help animals who are abused and neglected. Donate today to help animals. You can donate securely via card, PayPal or Direct Debit.