Take your animal activism to the next level

iAnimal is a unique immersive experience which takes viewers into factory farms and slaughterhouses to see farming through the eyes of an animal. We’re always on the look-out for ambitious activist groups to take iAnimal to events in their local area using virtual reality equipment provided by Animal Equality.

To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in the short form below. We will aim to provide you with a copy of our application form within two working days.

What activists say about iAnimal...

iAnimal is the most effective street outreach tool available. You connect deeply on a personal level and help educate people to make more compassionate choices in their life



Animal Equality's virtual reality headsets are a really powerful tool in the outreach we do. After watching the ianimal films and experiencing the world from the perspective of someone they normally consider food, people become open to making changes.



I've been using iAnimal for over two years and I can say it's the most effective tool for opening minds and raising awareness about the treatment of farmed animals