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Slaughterhouse of Horrors

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Sheep trapped and beheaded in front of an official inspector

Animal Equality’s investigation at Farmers Fresh Wales slaughterhouse in Wrexham, UK, uncovered horrifying scenes of sheep painfully trapped in machinery and beheaded in front of each other. Much of this suffering took place with an official Food Standards Agency inspector present.

Warning: graphic images used.

Dead sheep in pen

Thousands of sheep are killed at Farmers Fresh Wales every single week. Some don’t even survive the stressful journey to the slaughterhouse.

Small and emaciated sheep fell through the gap in the conveyor

An inadequate conveyor system causes small and emaciated sheep to fall through a gap onto the floor. Others become painfully jammed in the machinery and are left to hang upside down in mid-air.

Sheep about to be shot with bolt gun

Workers use brute force to try and wrestle the panicked sheep out of the machine. When they fail, they stun the animals using a bolt gun and slit their throats with a knife.

Sheep's blood draining onto floor

Their blood drains onto the floor, in view of other sheep who are still awaiting slaughter.

Sheep stuck in conveyor decapitated

The workers then behead the sheep to remove them from the machine. The bleeding, severed heads are discarded while other sheep look on. This all takes place in front of an official Food Standards Agency inspector.

Dead sheep piled on top of live sheep on conveyor

On the instruction of the Food Standards Agency inspector, a headless corpse is piled on the backs of live sheep on the conveyor belt, who are left to struggle under the immense weight. When asked if he is happy with this, the inspector replies “spot on”.

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