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Beaten for Bacon

Investigation reveals violent abuse on British pig farm

In April 2018, Animal Equality investigators documented workers repeatedly kicking, hitting and slamming gates into pigs; jabbing them with pitchforks; spraying paint directly and deliberately up their nose; dropping a severely lame pig from a tractor bucket; urinating onto pig pens; and constantly shouting at pigs and laughing while abusing them. This brutality took place on a farm owned by Elsham Linc, one of Britain’s largest pig producers. Hidden camera footage showed several workers involved in the violence, which was largely focused on the female pigs being used for breeding. Investigators also documented the prolonged suffering of pigs with painful wounds caused by the stressful conditions. Our shocking findings included:

Pigs were repeatedly jabbed with pitchforks

A terrified pig jabbed with pitchforks to force her into a pen with a hostile pig.

Kick 2

Pigs were frequently kicked violently and repeatedly, often causing them to scream out in pain.

A scarred sow who had been violently forced into a pen with a hostile pig

A scarred sow who had been violently forced into a pen with a hostile pig.

Scarred and wounded pig

Severely scarred and bruised pigs, many also suffering from hernias.

Raw and bleeding tail biting injuries

Dozens of pigs with severe tail biting injuries, often raw and bleeding.

Pigs in cramped conditions

Pigs were forced to live in extremely overcrowded conditions


Consumers are constantly told to ‘Buy British’ for higher welfare, yet this cruelty was filmed on a Red Tractor certified pig farm in Lincolnshire. Labels and certificates can’t protect animals from suffering in the meat industry, but you can.