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A Message From Miriam Margolyes

Transition to a brighter future

With 1 in 3 Brits now reported to be consuming plant-based milks on a regular basis, the nation is stepping away from supporting this industry. Our supermarket shelves are overflowing with plant-based milks, cheese and yoghurt alternatives.

Despite this, British dairy farmers received over £56 million annually in direct Government payments over recent years, making up nearly 40% of their profits.

That’s why Miriam Margolyes is joining Animal Equality in urging the UK Government to shift subsidies from the dairy industry to fund plant-based alternatives and offer financial support for farmers transitioning to arable farming or land rewilding programmes.

A brighter future is within our grasp. Make a change for cows and calves today, by ditching dairy and by signing our petition!

I’ve been on a journey of discovery…. I don’t mince my words, so I will tell you the truth: it broke my heart. But I am also thankful that this has been brought to my attention. Everyone deserves to know the truth.

If we’re successful, more people will choose plant-based options and they’ll drink less cows’ milk, which means fewer cows will be separated and killed. I really believe we can make a difference. The world is harsh. Let’s make it kinder.

Miriam Margolyes

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