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This is where your bacon comes from

Animal cruelty, neglect and suffering are rife on many farms around the world. Industrialised farms like Cross Farm are inherently cruel places. Female pigs forced to give birth to an unnatural number of babies over and over again will have their young taken from them every time. Bred for their bodies, their newborns will be ‘fattened’ and slaughtered at a young age, their flesh sold to supermarkets like Tesco. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tesco in the news where animal suffering is concerned. We’ve exposed scenes similar to these on pig farms like Fir Tree farm and P&G Sleigh unit that have also ended up on shelves of this supermarket previously. As consumers we can prevent their pain by switching to plant-based meat alternatives.

Most people will never step foot inside a factory farm… I feel it is my duty to. The public deserves to know the truth

Abigail Penny
Executive Director, Animal Equality UK

Photo: Animal Equality | Aitor Garmendia

Legal Action

Animal Equality is arguing that a number of actions taking place on Cross Farm are in breach of existing legislation. We are reporting animal cruelty and have instructed law firm, Advocates for Animals, to submit a complaint to Trading Standards and are demanding that the farm is held accountable for its actions. We must defend the animals trapped in this systematised cycle of suffering.

COMMON cruelty

Cross Farm is not unique – it is emblematic of many UK pig farms. Animal Equality’s investigations have shown workers and companies routinely abusing animals, neglecting animals, or carrying out substandard practices on hundreds of farms around the world.

Approximately ten million pigs are slaughtered for their flesh in the UK every year and the vast majority are confined in intensive factory farms. Mutilations like those filmed on Cross Farm are common, including ‘teeth clipping’ and ‘tail docking’, where piglets’ tails and teeth are cut without pain relief.

It is not only the illegal abuses that are cause for concern; much farmed animal suffering is legally permissible. Around 60% of mother pigs in the UK are confined in highly restrictive ‘farrowing crates’. They are forced to give birth in these tiny cages and will spend, on average, 20% of their adult lives in this cruel confinement. Shockingly, this is currently legal in the UK.

Just 3% of UK pigs spend their entire lives outside and, although the routine use of farrowing cages has been banned in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, a ban is yet to be enacted in the UK.