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Cruel Cages: Hens suffering on British egg farm

Over 40% of hens in the UK are currently crammed into cages and locked away for life. This cruel confinement cannot continue. SIGN NOW!

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Egg Farm Exposé

Animal Equality’s investigation into Kinswood Eggs farm in West Sussex discovered young chicks and hens packed into overcrowded cages. Stacked four tiers high in gigantic sheds, this facility holds hundreds of thousands of hens every year. With less space than an A4 piece of paper each, these birds suffer extremely, both physically and psychologically. These scenes were captured on a quality assured, ‘Laid in Britain’ certified egg farm.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

Kinswood Eggs forces chicks into cages from a very young age – they are just days old when they enter the farm. All aspects of the chicks’ lives are closely controlled in order to minimise costs and maximise egg size.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

Hens are packed into in extremely overcrowded cages, with as many as 100 birds in a single cage. The hens receive less space than an A4 piece of paper each. They struggle to move around or stretch their wings.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

Due to the poor and stressful housing conditions, many hens suffer from severe feather loss – some are nearly bald. Other hens show signs of painful hernias and red, raw skin.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

These birds spend 85 weeks trapped inside bare, metal cages, before they are taken to slaughter. Kinswood Eggs fails to afford them even the most basic of provisions. The hens are not given adequate ‘enrichment’ as the law requires, preventing them from carrying out certain natural behaviours.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

Decaying carcasses are left to rot in cages amongst the flocks of living birds.

Undercover investigation in British egg farm

Chickens aren’t the only animals living in these gigantic sheds. Animal Equality investigators also found mice, maggots and flies in these filthy, unhygienic conditions.

These chickens were grossly crowded, in a barren environment devoid of virtually any environmental enrichment, and unable to exercise key […] natural behaviours. Such conditions cause chronic stress.

Professor Andrew Knight
University of Winchester

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