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Lili’s story
11th March, 2015

Lili is tired and feeling hopeless… life in a duck fattening farm is full of abuse and neglect. That is why Lili is one of the millions of animals whose stories need to be heard.     Lili was born in a world in…

Terrified and exhausted. The cruelty during transport to slaughter.
16th January, 2015

In it's latest investigation Animal Equality documents the transport of lambs in Italy. The investigation is part of the successful "Save a lamb" campaign with which the organization managed to reduce the consumption of lamb meat in Italy in 2013 and 2014.

Hundreds of vegan sandwiches inspired compassion in London
2nd September, 2012

Over 400 vegan sandwiches were given out to a very interested crowd and 2.000 leaflets were distributed, explaining that animal exploitation exists because of consumers demand, and that we can stop this by choosing a diet free of animal products.