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Raise Your Voice for Farmed Animals with the BBC!

The BBC is inviting you to suggest stories you’d like your local, regional and national BBC News teams to look into.

They want to know ‘the one issue that matters the most to you in the 2024 General Election and why?’

They’ll then put these stories and questions at the heart of their General Election coverage.

Here is the link to the BBC form. The form is capped at 250 words; we’ve suggested some text below for you to use as a basis, but please remember to adapt and make it your own, always keeping it polite – the BBC team wants to hear from you, not us!

Our Message to the BBC

Protecting farmed animals is a top priority for me in the 2024 General Election. In the UK, millions of animals suffer immensely in farms and slaughterhouses annually. Investigations by leading animal protection organisations have revealed distressing realities: cows struck with shovels, piglets undergoing tail-cutting without pain relief, and salmon eaten alive by sea lice. I believe no animal should be killed for human consumption and those in the current system must be better protected by politicians in power. Right now, our legal system is failing farmed animals.

Existing laws are not properly enforced. A joint report by Animal Equality and The Animal Law Foundation discovered that fewer than 3% of farms are inspected on average by regulatory bodies and 0.33% are prosecuted following complaints. We must detect and deter non-compliance.

And, current legislation is insufficient:

  • The UK continues to import cruelty from abroad, including foie gras and pig flesh from gestation crate systems, despite domestic bans on ‘products’ made this way.
  • It’s still legal to consign animals including pigs and hens to cages that restrict their natural behaviours.
  • And, fish, despite their capacity for pain and cognition, lack species-specific legal protections at slaughter.

Farmed animals are feeling, thinking beings deserving of respect and compassion. As a concerned voter, I urge candidates to prioritise farmed animals. I want to understand their plans to enforce existing laws effectively, phase out cruel practices, and extend protections to all animals, including fish. Their commitments will influence my vote on 4th July.

Join the Plant-Based Movement!

Remember, in addition to voting on the ballot paper, you can also vote with your supermarket choices. By opting for plant-based alternatives instead of animal products, you can help secure a future where no animal needlessly suffers for human consumption. Head over to Love Veg to download your digital copy of our plant-based cookbook and start making a difference with every meal.

save animals, eat plant based

As a consumer, you hold the power to protect animals from the meat industry. Every plant-based meal saves animals from a life of misery in factory farms and slaughterhouses. 

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