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The Labour party – one of the major parties in the running for power – just committed to outright banning the importation of foie gras as soon as possible if they win the 2024 General Election.

But our work is not done yet!

Despite considering the issue for the best part of a decade, the Conservative Party continues to claim that it needs to ‘build a clear evidence base’ and does ‘not currently have an end date for when this research will conclude’.

And, the Liberal Democrats haven’t made their position known. Shockingly, their manifesto includes a whole section on the environment but no mention of animals.

Events called ‘hustings’ are taking place all over the UK right now and are the perfect opportunity for you to hold candidates to account, express your views, and challenge their proposals. Please attend an event and make the voices of animals heard.

Remember to take pictures and recordings if permitted and to share your findings with us – we love to hear from you!

List of Hustings Events

Reading West and Mid-Berkshire – Thursday 6 June

Young People’s husting – East Wight (Isle of Wight) – Monday 10 June

Gillingham and Rainham – Thursday 13 June

Young People’s husting – West Wight (Isle of Wight) – Thursday 13 June

Watford – Sunday 16 June

Queens Park & Maida Vale – Monday 17 June

Inverness, Skye, and West Ross-shire – Tuesday 18 June

Newcastle Upon Tyne East & Wallsend – Tuesday 18 June

Rochester and Strood – Tuesday 18 June

Chatham and Aylesford – Wednesday 19 June

Bangor – Thursday 20 June

Uxbridge and South Ruislip – Friday 21 June

Hammersmith and Chiswick – Sunday 23 June

Reading – Wednesday 26th June

West Suffolk – Thursday 27 June

Ipswich – Friday 28 June

Other Animal Protection Issues

It’s not just ducks and geese that need you – all farmed animals need your support this General Election! If you manage to attend any of these events, please challenge the candidates on the following issues and let us know their responses:

Import Bans

Much like foie gras, there are certain products that are banned in the UK but still imported, such as pig flesh from mothers who have been kept in cruel gestation crates, where they can’t even stand up. All animal farming is terrible – there is no way to confine or kill an animal who wants to live – but if we can stop so-called ‘lower welfare’ imports we will be better able to tackle the UK system specifically. We want to know what plans the candidates have to stop such imports and prevent funding cruelty abroad. And don’t forget to ask your local Liberal Democrat candidate if they too intend to ban foie gras imports!

End the Cage Age

Millions of farmed animals, including pigs and hens, are confined to cages for all or part of their lives every year. This includes the use of cruel cages such as farrowing crates, where pigs can’t even turn around or properly nurse their young, and ‘enriched’ cages where dozens of hens are crammed into a single small space. Cage-free will never mean cruelty-free, but a life free from cages is the absolute least these already vulnerable animals deserve. We want to know what plans the candidates have to phase out the use of these cages.

Legal Protections for Farmed Fish at Time of Slaughter

Up to 77 million fish are farmed and slaughtered in the UK for consumption each year, yet currently there are no species-specific legal protections in place at the time of killing. The best way to stop their suffering is to stop consuming fish entirely and, in the meantime, law-makers must do all they can to minimise the agony these animals endure in their final moments of life. We want to know what plans the candidates have to introduce legal protections for farmed fish.


Foie gras is immensely cruel. Its production causes ducks and geese severe physical and psychological pain. You can protect ducks and geese by opting for plant-based alternatives.

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