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Three Ways to Help Animals This Giving Tuesday

Want to make a difference for animals this Giving Tuesday? Find out how you can help create a better future for farmed animals with these three easy actions!

Giving Tuesday started out as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the years, it has grown into a global movement, inspiring people to take action for the causes they care most about. 

Whether you volunteer your time, donate money or share a petition on social media, every action you can take this Giving Tuesday (29th November 2022) will make a big difference for animals.

baby geese on factory farm

Why Should I Support Animal Equality?

Farmed animals are among the most forgotten animals. Right now, mother pigs are being confined in tiny crates, unable to move or care for their newborn babies.

Cows on dairy farms across the UK are going through the painful cycle of being impregnated and torn away from their calves throughout their entire lives, just so the milk intended for their babies can end up in our supermarkets.

Chickens can’t even stand up because their bones have buckled under their enormous weight, as farms selectively breed them to grow to unnatural sizes in the shortest amount of time.

All of this is happening right now and most people don’t even know about it. 

Farmed animals make up the vast majority of animals used and killed by humans across the world, but only a very small proportion of donations to animal charities go to help them. 

Every year more than 70 billion farmed land animals are bred and killed for human consumption globally. But despite these staggering and alarming figures, donations made to help them account for less than 1% of all donations to animal charities. 

This is why the opportunity to have your gift matched is so important. It will allow you to double your impact on the lives of farmed animals and help create a world where they don’t have to suffer. 

young pigs in metal cage on factory farm uk

Animal Equality is committed to creating a better world for farmed animals. Through groundbreaking investigations, campaigning, legal advocacy and corporate outreach we are making history for animals every day. 

This year, we have made historic progress for animals, including:

  • A ban on male chick culling in Italy, which will impact between 25 and 40 million chicks every year
  • The broadcast of our undercover investigation on a UK dairy farm to millions of viewers on BBC One’s Panorama
  • The release of a groundbreaking report on the poor enforcement of animal welfare laws, launched at the UK’s first Parliamentary reception discussing how animal welfare laws are enforced

Our work so far this year has helped change the lives of more than 166 million animals! But we will not rest until every animal is treated with respect and is protected. 

Your support will allow us to continue documenting the shocking reality of factory farming and share it with the world. It will give our campaigners the resources they need to deliver a better future for farmed animals. It will inspire even more people like you to fight for animals. 

The world will not change overnight, but our supporters show that with determination and perseverance, we can change the world for animals. 

Animals need people who are prepared to stand by them, even when times are difficult. Will you be that person?

Find out how you can help animals on Giving Tuesday 2022!

1. Donate or Start a Fundraiser 

cow calf on dairy farm uk

Without the support of our donors, there would be no Animal Equality and the progress we have made for animals so far would not be possible. 

Our donors have already helped us to overcome many obstacles in our fight to protect farmed animals, and they have joined us in celebrating our victories for animals. 

Times are hard and our donors are more important to us than ever. Animal Equality is a registered UK charity and we rely on the small but powerful gestures of thousands of people to keep our work for animals alive.

Animals need you.

Can’t afford to donate right now? Don’t worry, you can still help animals!

Thank you for your compassion and generosity, every little helps. 

Read on to find out other ways that you can help animals this Giving Tuesday!

2. Become an Animal Protector

volunteer to help animals UK

Did you know that you can fight animal abuse from the comfort of your home?

By joining Animal Protectors – Animal Equality’s digital volunteer group – you will become part of a community of over 10,000 people in the UK who share your passion for animals. 

Animal Protectors help to end the suffering that animals are forced to endure in factory farms and slaughterhouses by:

  • Campaigning for laws that tackle the worst cruelties animals face
  • Helping to share the hidden realities of life in factory farms and slaughterhouses with the world
  • Inspiring others to leave animals off their plates

All this is achieved through simple and quick actions that are delivered straight into your inbox by Animal Equality! These include signing petitions, contacting your MP, and posting on social media. Easy right?

So what are you waiting for? Be a hero for animals by joining Animal Protectors today!

3. Sign and Share Our Latest Petition

hen and chick on egg chicken farm uk

If you are looking for something to do right now, you can make a difference for animals with just a few clicks! 

Animal Equality recently published a groundbreaking report, co-authored by The Animal Law Foundation, revealing that fewer than 3% of UK farms are subjected to official inspections on average each year. This means that for every 100 UK farms, 97 are NOT inspected by a regulatory body. Just think how many animals could be subject to abuse right now on those farms!

Even when farms are inspected, animal abusers often go unpunished. On average, just 0.33% of UK farms were taken to court and prosecuted following initial complaints. This is roughly three prosecutions for every 1,000 complaints. It is unacceptable.

The UK claims to be a world leader in animal welfare laws, but there is little point in having laws on paper if these are not applied in practice.

We need your help to create a better future for animals. Over 70,000 people have already taken action to ensure that animals don’t have to suffer in silence. 

Join us in demanding that the UK Government holds animal abusers accountable – sign the petition now!

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