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Is it time to take beef off the menu?

Nearly three million cows are raised and killed every year in the UK. These defenceless cows feel joy and pain and have a desire to live.

As he steps into the tiny stall, the gate slams behind him. He trembles in fear, trying eagerly to turn around and make an escape, but it’s no use… he’s crammed too tightly between the narrow walls. Confused and frightened, he looks up and down, side to side, wondering what’s next. Sadly, this is the moment that this poor British cow will be stunned then tragically slaughtered.

Nearly three million cows are raised and killed every year in the UK. These defenceless cows feel joy and pain and have a desire to live. Each one is a sibling, a child, a friend. But to the meat industry, these animals are nothing more than a product.

In 2020, a time in which mouth-wateringly good plant-based meat-alternatives are available in every supermarket, must this treatment of such kind, harmless animals continue?

In recent years it has also become widely-accepted that beef production has a devastating impact on the environment, with many British cows now spending the latter stages of their lives on factory farms, being ‘fattened up’ with crops which require immense amounts of land and water to produce, resources that could instead be used to alleviate human hunger. Should we stand by while the destruction of our planet is accelerated by this wasteful industry?

Despite the undeniable suffering this industry inflicts on animals, and the disastrous impact it has on the environment, some continue to celebrate it. ‘Great British Beef Week’, for example – taking place between the 23rd and 30th of April – claims to put ‘the spotlight firmly on the […] food that British beef farmers produce’. But whether the industry is promoting ‘organic’, ‘pasture grazed’ or ‘grass-fed’ beef, there’s no escaping the fact that these poor animals will all meet the same horrifying end.

But don’t worry. We have the power to stop this cruelty every time we sit down to eat. And lucky for you, we’ve put together a few delicious plant-based alternatives to some of the UK’s most popular beef dishes.

Delicious recipes featuring great beef-alternatives

Spaghetti bologneseThe Happy Pear

Don’t worry, there’s no need to give up the dishes that you know and love! Replace the beef mince with  lentils or soy mince for a tasty cruelty-free twist on spag bol.

Cottage/shepherd’s pieLoving It Vegan

You can’t beat a good cottage or shepherd’s pie. Here’s one of our favourite recipes for this British staple. Simply swapping out the beef or lamb mince for soy mince will do wonders for both animals and the environment.

Mushroom wellingtonDelicious Everyday

Wondering how to get your beef wellington fix? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Try cooking up this mouth-watering mushroom wellington with some roasted veg. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better… Add some vegan yorkshire puddings to take this recipe to the next level.

Plant-based burgersLove Veg

Here’s one of our own appetising recipes. Though if you don’t fancy making your own burger patties, don’t worry! There are so many amazing plant-based burgers available in supermarkets nowadays. A couple of our favourites are by Beyond Meat and Moving Mountains, though lots of supermarket own-brand veggie burgers are delicious and cheap too! Throw a slice of Violife vegan cheese in there and you’re onto a winner. 

What meat-alternatives are available in supermarkets?

And if you’re wondering what amazing vegan products are available in your local shops these days, you can find out at My Vegan Supermarket. Try not to get overwhelmed by the endless cruelty-free options!

Check out more plant-based recipes today at loveveg.uk.

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