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iAnimal film featuring Evanna Lynch shortlisted for Raindance award!

Our groundbreaking virtual reality film ‘iAnimal: The dairy industry in 360-degrees’, which allows viewers to experience life – and death – through the eyes of a cow, has been shortlisted for a Raindance VRX award in the Best Social Impact Experience category.

The five-minute film is narrated by Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and features 360° footage filmed by Animal Equality investigators inside intensive dairy farms and slaughterhouses. Including scenes filmed in Devon and Somerset, the film challenges people’s idyllic image of dairy farming in the UK.

Watching the film through the lenses of the virtual reality headset, you feel as though you are a tiny calf trapped alone in a pen and then look a worn out dairy cow in the eyes as the slaughterman approaches and she realises she is about to take her last breath.

After watching iAnimal: The dairy industry in 360-degrees, a distraught Evanna said: “I just wanted to make myself as small as possible, and I was thinking that must be how the animals feel — that they just want to hide, but there’s not any corner of comfort or peace in any part of their lives.”

She added: “It’s so cruel and so horrific, and if you’re spending a few quid to support this — it’s just not worth it. If you’re actually paying to support this you should know where your money is going or you should take ownership of what you’re doing.”

The award winners will be announced during the Raindance Film Festival 2018 in London, from September 26th to October 7th, where our iAnimal film will also be showcased.

It’s easy to help stop cows suffering in the dairy industry by switching to plant-based alternatives to dairy. Visit loveveg.uk to get started!

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