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The British Dietetic Association confirms vegan diets are healthy for everyone

How many times has someone confidently told you that a plant-based diet is bad for you? That we have evolved to eat meat, that’s why we have incisors? That our ancestors ate it and we need it to survive? Well, this month, one of the UK’s most respected bodies on diet and nutrition, the British Dietetic Association (BDA), has confirmed that a vegan diet is healthy for people of all ages.

In a memorandum of understanding with The Vegan Society, the BDA states that a well planned vegan diet can be enjoyed by children and adults, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.

The BDA is the largest organisation of nutrition and diet professionals, with over 9000 members, who share their knowledge with the public and those in medical professions.

This new statement means that up to date, positive information about choosing plant-based will be dispersed by all of the BDA members, encouraging more people to choose a healthy plant-based diet, and providing doctors with the specialist information needed to advise their patients.

The BDA will continue to work with The Vegan Society to promote the virtues of a healthy plant-based diet and “reliable, evidence-based advice on a healthy vegan diet to members of the public, services users and medical professionals”.

So the next time somebody tells you that your diet is unhealthy, show them the BDA’s statement and the health pages of our new Love Veg site, where many more experts are quoted on the benefits of being plant-based.

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