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Be my (vegan) Valentine!

Its February, the shops are full of love, hearts and flowers, which can only mean one thing. Valentines day!

As much as we love our human companions at Animal Equality, and will gift them (and expect to receive!) our favourite Gorilla Perfume from LUSH, Booja Booja chocolates, lovely candles, cards and jewellery; this year, we are celebrating our love for the animals in our lives.


Take a look at wonderful Simba! He’s our UK Executive Directors rescue and he is adorable. Simba loves stealing shoes and tea towels and eating popcorn for lunch with Toni.


And check out Brandy. She’s our Campaigns Manager’s in the UK lovely dog. Although she will be 15 this year, Brandy loves playing fetch on the beach, and riding around on the front of Kate’s bike.


This year we will be spoiling these two with treats from Lincolns lunchbox, Veggie Pets and Whimzees, and we recommend a visit to Anna Loka, Cardiff, Ethos restaurant, London, Black Cat, Hackney, Café Van Gogh and Soy Division, Glasgow to sample their valentines menus!

We would love to hear about the animals you love and share your life with. You can write a message to your animal companion on your twitter or instagram using the hashtag #myanimalvalentine, or email us [email protected], telling us their name and why you love them, before February 14th.

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