Do you know who can put an end to factory farming? YOU!

You and the millions of other people who are against animal abuse. According to a recent poll conducted by Lake Research Partners, 77% of adult consumers in the United States are concerned with the way farmed animals are treated. This proves that you’re not alone and that most people oppose animal abuse in factory farms.

As consumers of these products, we have the power to demand changes from the multi-billion-dollar food industry. However, we can even go a step further by refusing to support these industries as we work to change them.

We can put an end to factory farming, which only seeks to maximize profits at the expense of the welfare of animals. In factory farms, animals are forced to live in inhumane and overcrowded conditions only to be systematically killed. The animals, us, and our families deserve better than this. The food industry is feeding us animal abuse without us even knowing it, forcing us to go against our own values of love and compassion.

Our best weapon to stop this cruelty is to reduce our meat consumption.

And the best part is that all we have to do is to choose different options when we go grocery shopping. That’s it. Today, it’s easier than ever to do so, and basic plant-based foods are often the cheapest in the market. Rice, pasta, beans, potatoes, produce, fruits… the list is endless!

As more and more people are now choosing these alternatives, we are sending a loud and clear message to factory farms: “We don’t support the abuse of farmed animals!”

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