By Eating Tuna You Are Also Killing Dolphins

Consuming tuna carries heavy consequences which are not visible on it’s packaging. The fishing industry tries to convince consumers by labeling their tuna as “dolphin safe”, implying dolphins are not killed in the process of fishing.


However, here at Animal Equality we go to great lengths to investigate, unravel and expose the marketing myths which animal exploitation centers use to try and advertise their products as ethical. This could not be further away from the truth as we find patterns of abuse, pain and death within all our investigations. We exposed the truth of “Quality Assured” meat, as well as the hidden reality of organic free-range eggs and also the tuna industry.

Image from an Animal Equality investigation into the tuna industry

We find it particularly relevant to mention that the brutal killing of tuna also involves the death of other marine animals such as dolphins. Despite this, there appears to be a growing demand for seafood, thus also increasing the death and destruction of the sea and its inhabitants.

According to the WWF, “The U.S. alone imported 314,863 metric tons of tuna worth $1.3 billion in 2010.” As well as this growing demand, there is also an increase of consumers who are awakening to the truth behind tuna and its unethical implications.

Tuna’s agonising after being ripped away from the ocean. Image by Animal Equality.

Commercial fisheries implement brutal fishing techniques, one of these being the so called “bottom trawling” which involves using a huge net that is dragged along the sea bed, ripping and scooping everything it touches, including dolphins.

Not only do dolphins die because of serious damage such as asphyxiation but also due to stress. It’s pretty brutal. Whale and Dolphin Conservation estimates that over 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die every year in fishing nets across the globe.

Dolphin trapped in the ocean. Image by HectorsDolphins.

Now, depending where you live, you might have even seen “dolphin safe” labeled on tuna packaging. This appears to be an evident marketing myth because dolphins are ALWAYS at risk of getting slaughtered when fishing.

It is difficult to quantify the exact number but the mortality rate for dolphins is high. Dolphins and tuna often co-exist and live together. if not always in the exact same space, in the same ocean – we only have one! Tuna fishing not only brutally kills tuna, but also dolphins.

Dolphins trapped in net. Image by NOAA.

Your daily actions can help the tragic fate of hundreds of thousands of animals. 

Try and replace tuna with more ethical choices such as mock-fish and plant-based foods. Realistically, who wants to fuel the damage of our oceans inhabitants? Tuna, fish, turtles, sharks… you name them, they are all victims of fishing.

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