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3 Myths About Meat

Flooded by the constant bombardment of advertising and marketing, we are all vulnerable to misinformation and myths.

It is sometimes difficult to actually think critically amidst all the overwhelming choice presented to us and we often forget about the reality behind what we choose to buy as consumers.
We all seek to be as ethical as we can so let’s begin by deconstructing some of the, still popular, misconceptions about meat consumption.

1. Eating meat is not cruel

Many people who make this claim are often completely unaware of what occurs on farms and in slaughterhouses. The meat industry repeatedly tries to sugar-coat meat consumption by claiming it can be “ethically” sourced and even labels products as “organic”.

However, every single time we go undercover into these places to document what really happens within, there is always horrific abuse taking place. Each and every time.

The pattern is the same and animals are always victims of horrors which seem unimaginable.


2. We need to consume meat to be healthy

To a lot of people, meat equates to protein. Despite meat containing protein, you can find just as much of it , if not more, in plant-based sources such as beans, grains, nuts, green vegetables and meat substitutes such as veggie sausages and burgers.

The American Dietetic Association states “…total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” Therefore, we do not need meat to be healthy.

In order to vary your diet, ensure you eat a wide array of foods and calories. The problem in today’s modern society is often too much protein not too little.

3. Plants feel pain too

I think this myth wins the prize for ridiculousness yet it is heard so often! It’s also the easiest to debunk. Plants lack a nervous system, nerve endings and a brain. Therefore, no brain, no pain. If you still care greatly about plants, a vegan diet is less destructive to earth than a meat-based one.

Whether you choose to cut down meat, ditch it and replace it with plant-based alternatives, you will be benefiting animals, the planet and yourself. It’s a win-win-win situation! There is no better time to switch to a healthier, more ethical path.

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