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8 Scrumptious vegan options you should try in the UK!

There are so many vegan options, you just have to go out and order them! Here are a few tips of some of our favourite places.

1. A…. pizza! from Dough Pizza, Manchester

Ask for dairy free cheese!

2. Indian street food at Bundobust, Leeds

3. A full vegan breakfast at 13th Note, Glasgow

4. Anything from The Spotless Leopard, Bristol

5. Amazing Jackfruit tacos from Club Mexicana, London

6. Udon noodles with Thai spices and home-smoked tofu at David Bann Vegetarian Restaurant, Edinburgh

7. Sesame tofu don at Pompoko, Brighton

8. Sunday vegan roast at Alley Café, Nottingham

Photograph: Anthony Blake Joff Lee/Anthony Blake Photo Library

United Kingdom

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