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Lili’s story

Lili is tired and feeling hopeless… life in a duck fattening farm is full of abuse and neglect. That is why Lili is one of the millions of animals whose stories need to be heard.



Lili was born in a world in which lovable animals like her are viewed as products. Lili was denied her deepest desires and needs. She will never swim or start a family. Lili will never dip her little feet into water or put her wings protectively around her children.

Innocent Lili was born to be tortured. The meat industry wants her to gain as much weight in as little time as possible. Her meat will then be sold in supermarkets.

Your help is crucial to end the cruel practices that occur secretly behind closed doors. Help her be the ambassador of all the animals who suffer in modern farms by sharing her story today. 


United Kingdom

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