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Demand action for Britain’s pigs

Animal Equality’s new investigation reveals systemic disregard for pig welfare laws.
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Caged, mutilated and left to suffer

Pigs are the most protected farmed animals in Britain - on paper. Our laws prohibit caging pigs in tiny sow stalls, routine mutilations like tail docking and tooth clipping, and keeping pigs in barren pens that deny their natural behaviours. Yet these practices are still common on British pig farms.

Consumers are constantly told to ‘Buy British’ for higher welfare, yet our laws governing pig welfare - some nearly two decades old - are routinely violated and neither the government, retailers nor Red Tractor are taking enough action to stop it. It’s scandalous!

Animal Equality’s latest investigation reveals the extremely cruel practices that continue on British pig farms despite long-standing welfare laws prohibiting them:

“The pigs shown are not kept in accordance with the current animal welfare regulations. Pigs, kept under conditions such as those shown on the videos, do not have an acceptable level of welfare.”
Professor Bo Algers,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Member of European Food Safety Authority’s expert panel on Animal Health and Animal Welfare 2004-2009

The government and retailers must stop turning a blind eye and start protecting pigs from the most extreme factory farming practices.

Demand Action for Britain’s Pigs

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