Investigation: Scottish Salmon

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This footage is alarming. A significant number of salmon are clearly conscious when their gills are cut, which could result in extreme pain for as long as seven minutes. Mark Borthwick, MA MSc, Head of Research, Aquatic Life Institute

Forgotten Fish

Scientists recognise that fish, just like other farmed animals, experience pleasure and pain. Despite this, fish are given very few legal protections.

In the UK, up to 77 million fish are raised and killed every single year – that's over two per second.

Animal Equality is urging UK governments to put in place meaningful, specific protections for aquatic animals at the time of slaughter. This is the very least these animals deserve and yet currently they are not afforded even this.

We're not alone. Our open letter, addressed to ministers across the UK, has been signed by 70 world-leading animal welfare experts, academics and animal protection organisations.

The science has spoken: fish feel pain, much like we do. We must do more to protect these sensitive creatures.
Dr Lynne Sneddon, B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D, University of Gothenburg
Aquatic animals are individuals with their own unique personalities and preferences, yet they are far too often forgotten.
Jonathan Balcombe, Biologist and author of New York Times bestseller 'What a Fish Knows'

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Nemo's friends need your help. Join me in supporting Animal Equality's work to protect fish!
Alexander Gould, Voice of Nemo in 'Finding Nemo'

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Fish feel pain. Just like other animals, they deserve protection. And you have the power to help them.

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