Cruelty To Cows Exposed: The True Cost Of Milk

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We’re fed a fairy-tale about dairy farming, but the reality is far darker. Consumers are being conned.  Abigail Penny, Executive Director, Animal Equality UK

Systemic suffering

Legal firm Advocates for Animals has sent an official complaint, on behalf of Animal Equality, to the relevant local authority. We are urging for the farm to be prosecuted and held accountable for its crimes.

In addition to the violence and neglect we discovered on this farm, our investigator also filmed many of the heartbreaking standard practices that take place on British dairy farms, such as babies being separated from their mothers within just a few hours of being born.

“This is some of the most alarming animal abuse and neglect that I have encountered during my time as a veterinary surgeon. There is no doubt in my mind that these cows would have suffered significantly and that their prolonged pain was entirely avoidable.”

Marc Abraham OBE
Veterinary Surgeon

Take action to help animals

Animal Equality has investigated over 40 farms and slaughterhouses in the UK since 2011 and we have found a shocking lack of regard for their welfare in every single facility. The UK is failing animals and it’s time for the Government to act. The public puts its faith in accreditation schemes, awards and authorities, but consumers are being conned. The truth is animal suffering takes place across all farms by this industry that consistently prioritises profits, and whether it’s a small-scale organic farm or an intensive one, animal suffering can never truly be avoided.

Our body of evidence is piling up and we are demanding that the Government puts in place specific, critical changes to the law to license farms, increase inspections and increase protections for farmed animals. We must ensure that existing animal welfare regulations are strongly enforced and that animal abusers are held accountable. Join our call by signing the petition today!

More than a number

The dairy industry gives cows a number to identify them by, but they are so much more than that. Cows are sensitive individuals, each with their own personalities, who feel pain and experience emotions such as joy and pleasure. On all dairy farms, they will be separated from their young and eventually sent to slaughter. Every time you choose plant-based options instead of dairy, you are making a positive difference for them.

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