A letter from Jane,
Animal Equality investigator

As an investigator going undercover into factory farms, it is normal to build a wall inside of you to separate yourself from the terrible things you see.

It is both a natural defence mechanism and the result of years of experience and training.

I hold onto the stories of the animals I see to keep me going.

When I was on the pig farm and no one was looking, I would talk to the mother pig who was trapped under the bars of the farrowing crate.

It was very hard to look into her eyes, knowing that she had no chance of escape. But for those brief moments, I wanted her to feel affection for once in her life. 

When I saw her being slowly led away, across the yard and behind the wall, I saw the man was clutching a gun in his hand. I knew in that moment I would never see her again. And I promised myself that I would do everything I could to make this pain stop, if not for her, then for the animals just like her who are yet to be born.

Her memory, and the memories I hold of thousands of others, they keep me going.

But it’s not only the animals that give me the inspiration to carry on. There is also the promise of change and the knowledge that I am not alone.

I will probably never meet you, but I feel the warmth of your support everywhere I go.

The industry we are fighting against is immensely rich and powerful. They employ thousands and thousands of people, many more than we could ever afford to.

We are outnumbered, but with you and all the other people who have chosen to fight alongside us, we stand a chance.

With every investigation, we are changing the course of history. And it is thanks to you. With your donations, we are able to turn the stories of the animals I see into real, concrete change.

Seeing a piece of footage I have recorded become a moment of national importance is very powerful. It reminds me that every moment, no matter how terrible to witness, could be the spark that brings about change for millions of animals.

The stories we tell inspire people everywhere to take action for animals and make more compassionate choices in their lives. They also act as the evidence we need to drive global companies and governments to make unprecedented changes.

So far in 2021, we have already released two investigations. In February, we released our investigation into a salmon slaughterhouse operated by the Scottish Salmon Company, a huge company that supplies major retailers including Waitrose and Co-op, and exports salmon meat around the world.

Just a few days ago, we released our second investigation, uncovering abuse and exploitation of pigs on a farm linked to Pilgrim’s Pride UK, one of the largest pig producers in the UK.

With each investigation, we are building more evidence which we can use to achieve systemic change. Not only that, we are also raising awareness of factory farming and the suffering it causes with people across the country.

I have done this job for long enough to know that change is not always simple. Sometimes it feels as if nothing is happening; other times it seems to all happen at once. But change is happening, always. The actions that we take today are taking us ever closer to a world in which animals are truly respected and protected.

And the next big moment of change – like the story of Jalisco or any of the other huge victories we have achieved in the past – could be right around the corner. 

It could happen with the next investigation. We just need to keep going.

So thank you. You make this possible. I hope that, like me, despite the difficult moments and the difficult things you witness, you see what we are doing for animals and all that we are going to achieve in the future. And I want you to know I will keep on fighting as long as you are by my side.

Thank you,