British Chicken: The Truth

Sensationalist headlines about American chlorinated chickens may lead you to believe that British birds live a life of luxury, but this is far from the truth. In reality, chickens on British factory farms are tightly packed inside crowded sheds and grow to such an unnaturally large size that their joints and hearts can’t cope with the strain. They suffer every minute of their lives.

British Chicken: The Truth - Animal Equality
Certified Cruelty

Animal Equality investigated three Red Tractor-certified chicken farms between January and March 2019. We uncovered extreme suffering, animal abuse and cannibalism.

The Northamptonshire farms are owned by Faccenda, one of the UK’s largest chicken producers, which supplies major supermarkets and popular high-street restaurants including Nando’s, Lidl and Asda.

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British Chicken: The Truth - Animal Equality
Five weeks of hell

In just a few weeks, these chickens grow so large that they struggle to walk and breathe. Many can’t even stand up.