British politicians step inside virtual factory farms

United Kingdom
Throughout September we attended the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green party conferences.










Most politicians, like most people, have never been inside a typical British farm – yet many vocally endorse British farming and urge consumers to ‘Buy British’ for ‘high animal welfare’. Animal Equality has filmed inside typical UK pig and chicken farms throughout 2016 and documented the cruel conditions that more than 90% of animals reared for meat endure. We dared politicians attending the autumn party conferences to step inside these farms, via 360° footage and virtual reality headsets, and experience firsthand how most farmed animals live in Britain.

We received support for our work to end factory farming from politicians at all levels of government and many pledged to help prioritise this issue in their party’s manifesto.




















We were even voted Best NGO Stand by the Liberal Democrats and featured on the BBC’s Daily Politics!



















Our investigations have revealed that ‘buying British’ does not mean ‘high welfare’; most animals farmed in Britain spend their lives inside crowded, filthy sheds and suffer painful mutilations and genetic abnormalities. Millions of animals die in these harsh conditions and are simply thrown in the rubbish. Through our iAnimal virtual reality project we are educating people everywhere, at all levels of society, about this cruelty and empowering personal and political change!

In a tweet following her iAnimal experience, Baroness Jenny Jones summed up the feelings of everyone who watched the film: ‘The #VirtualReality tour is SO grim. Shame on us humans for allowing that torture of animals.’  She has also offered to help us raise this issue in the House of Lords.











You can help by watching and sharing our new 360° film of British pig and chicken farms!  Help show others the reality of animal farming and encourage them to try veg!