Animal Equality reveals billboards exposing the true cost of dairy

Today marks the first day of ‘Februdairy’, the dairy industry’s feeble attempt to promote its products to a world which is waking up to the truth. In response, Animal Equality is hitting back with a far-reaching billboard campaign, exposing dairy’s dark secrets to the British public.

Thanks to our generous supporters who donated to our recent crowdfunder, we are launching billboards in ten cities: London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Oxford, Leeds, Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham and Birmingham (full details below). Our message is set to reach over ten million people throughout the month of February!

The British public will be horrified to discover the secrets that the dairy industry keeps from us all. Cows are forcibly impregnated year after year, only to have their calves heartlessly torn away from them just a day or two after birth. They are treated as nothing more than milk machines.

As male calves can’t produce milk, they’re often considered worthless to the dairy industry. Around 95,000 male calves every year in the UK are killed on dairy farms, almost immediately after being born.

The billboards will encourage people to visit, where they can learn more about the cruel practices that are part and parcel of commercial dairy farming in the UK, as well as the extremely detrimental effects that it has on the environment.

Luckily, with so many cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable alternatives at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to ditch dairy! We’ve also teamed up with several independent vegan businesses across the UK who will be offering exclusive discounts on their delicious plant-based food throughout February in support of our campaign. Find out more here.

Full list of billboard locations
Billboards will run from 1st – 29th February 2020 unless otherwise specified.
Belfast: Middlepath Street (10th February – 8th March)
Birmingham: Kingstanding Road
Cardiff: Churchill Way; Greyfriars Road; High Street
Glasgow: Argyle Street; Cathedral Street; Hope Street
Leeds: Kirkstall Road
London: Camden High Street (10th – 16th February)
Manchester: Mancunian Way
Nottingham: Alfreton Road
Oxford: Botley Road; Headington Road; New Road
Southampton: West Quay Retail Park

If you spot one of our billboards in a city near you, make sure to snap a selfie with it and send it to us on Twitter using the hashtag #dairysdarksecrets.
We can’t wait to see your photos!