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Animal Equality calls for a #FoieGrasFreeGB with Day of Action!

On 6th April Animal Equality supporters across the UK will take to the streets to demand a ban on foie gras imports. With the UK leaving the EU and no longer bound by its free trade rules we can finally stop importing this cruel product that causes extreme and prolonged suffering to millions of birds every year.

Foie gras is illegal to produce in Britain due to the force-feeding methods used, but we import around 200 tons every year, effectively condoning animal suffering for a ‘luxury’ product that less than 10% of Brits consume.

A YouGov poll in June 2018 revealed that 79% of the public are supportive of a ban, with over 136,000 people having now signed the petition.

Feedback from Government has been positive about the likelihood of a ban post-Brexit and Michael Gove is reportedly minded to enact this, so now is the time for a huge push to see it come to fruition!

On April the 6th we will be demanding a Government commitment to a ban with events in towns and cities across the UK. Activists will be protesting outside venues that sell or serve foie gras and giving out postcards addressed to Michael Gove, demanding action.

You can find out whether there is an event planned locally, and if not, how to organise your own by emailing our Campaigns Manager Kate [email protected]. The Animal Equality team will be in London on the day protesting at a venue in Shoreditch and you can join us! Just email Kate for details.

Not able to join an event but still want to see a #FoieGrasFreeGB? Sign the petition and email Kate to get some postcards to distribute to your family and friends!

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